Microsoft Dynamics NAV

is a flexible end-to-end ERP solution


ERP choice for mid-sized business

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated ERP solution ideally suited to small to medium-sized  organisations  with up to 400 users.  Dynamics NAV gives you all the core functionality you’d expect from your financial accounting software  and transforms it into a powerful, intuitive tool that speeds up your reporting, opens up new levels of detail and enables quick, informed decision-making. 

Enterprise Resource Planning systems  streamline your business by automating and  optimising  operational core functions. Dynamics NAV is easily  customisable  and simple to integrate with other business solutions. While it provides core ERP functionality to  organisations  across industries, it includes advanced supply chain management tools that are especially useful for distributors and manufacturers. Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports multiple languages and locations giving  organisations a global reach across their business and network of suppliers and vendors. Dynamics NAV is a highly flexible and adaptable solution and can be tailored to comply with the unique requirements that exist in your business – simply start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business’ needs change. 




  • Dynamics NAV for Financial Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing
  • Dynamics NAV for Distribution
  • Dynamics NAV for Customer Relationship Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Sales & Marketing
  • Dynamics NAV for Service Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Human Resource Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Project & Resource Management
  • Dynamics NAV for Warehouse Management


Dynamics NAV for Financial Management


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Dynamics NAV for Financial Management helps you track and  analyse  your business information. With end-to-end integration, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow, in addition to performing bank reconciliations and collections.

Dynamics NAV for Supply Chain Management




Dynamics NAV for Supply Chain Management delivers an enhanced supply planning setup that gives the control needed over your supply chain by providing a  customisable  and detailed view of supply chain activities such as inventory levels, trend reports and forecasts – in real time.  Monitor supplier statuses, storage facilitates, production plants, and distribution  centres  for more effective tracking and management of all processes, from the ordering and acquisition of raw materials, to manufacturing and delivery of finished goods.

Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing




Track and manage all manufacturing processes.  Dynamics NAV  has a library of manufacturing features including production, inventory, orders, and vendors. The Manufacturing functionality increases your efficiency and helps you improve the way you manage production at each stage of your operation. This includes production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning. Flexible processes and integrated information help you ensure you make accurate promises to customers, respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes, and rapidly take advantage of new opportunities.

Dynamics NAV for Distribution


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From sales to stock control, warehousing to process management and purchasing to financial management Dynamics NAV solutions offer unparalleled distribution management, warehouse management, assembly management and other  specialised  solutions that make it easier to control these operations and provide awareness to make improvements and increase your company’s development and growth.

Dynamics NAV for Customer Relationship Management


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Dynamics NAV gives you the power to improve your customer relationship success to increase your productivity, make well-informed decisions; and sharpen your competitive edge with its Customer Relationship Management functionality.

Dynamics NAV for Sales & Marketing



Dynamics NAV for Sales and Marketing functions can give people in your organisation access to accurate, up-to-date information and the tools to efficiently manage contacts, opportunities and campaigns. Everyone in your  organisation  can get the information they need to interact with customers in a profitable way and make smart decisions based on accurate information about every contact.

Dynamics NAV for Service Management


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Service Management  functionality in  Dynamics NAV  will help your business quickly respond to customer service requests, service item records, organise  resources for maximum efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

Dynamics NAV for Human Resource Management


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Dynamics NAV  enables your people to take control of demanding HR processes to ensure accuracy and meet increasingly complex compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements. Through the integration of core functions, critical data is available at your employees’ fingertips – where and when they need it.

Dynamics NAV for Project & Resource Management



Dynamics NAV  includes a Jobs (or Project) management solution, meaning your business can execute projects quickly and efficiently.   Through its Jobs and Resources capabilities,  Dynamics NAV delivers integrated planning, cost monitoring, and analysis of all resource activities. From the Jobs module companies can track project costs from recording time to purchasing of inventory and services, track work in progress and invoice customers.

Dynamics NAV for Warehouse Management


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Dynamics NAV  brings together comprehensive  organisational  information, automates manual tasks, connects processes and workflows, enable real-time inventory management, and provide managers with clear visibility into business performance, margins, profitability, and opportunities for improvement. Keeping your solution up-to-date is essential to the future of your business. By taking advantage of new functionality and enhanced capabilities available in recent releases, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Upgrading your solution also keeps it running smoothly with the latest technology and infrastructure advances, so you can maximise your existing investment in other Microsoft products and services.

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