Microsoft Dynamics Project Audit Services


Project Audit Service

If your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system fails to deliver on its promise, we have the experience to resolve the issues. When a project is failing it’s best to take a step back and reach out for help to assess the situation. For clients who are embarking on an upgrade or new project, our recovery service is valuable as we can check whether your current system has been correctly configured and optimised to meet your business challenges.


If your project is in jeopardy we can assist you in getting your project back on track with a simple Audit & Recovery plan.


The key to ensuring your project meets business objectives is to carry out a full project audit.  We will define the objectives of the audit in line with your organisation needs and conduct a full analysis of your business processes and let you know the pure, unvarnished truth about what went wrong and how to fix it.


When we embark on Project Recovery we stick to a strategic system to ensure all-round success and no room for error.

Stage 1

We undertake a rapid health check of your system to analyse changed needed to stabilise your project.


Step 2

We work backwards by identifying your end goal first. We validate your business processes and map the recovery of your project in line with your Key Performance Indicators. We will dedicate one of our experienced project managers to collaborate with your senior management team in agreeing the details of your roadmap to recovery.


Step 3

We determine the risk issues of the audit and mitigate them as best we can before we embark on the Project Stabilisation.


Step 4

We put the wheels in motion with the recovery of your project. We will work to stabilise your project and business process as soon as possible, ensuring business continuity. Your dedicated project manager will engage with you on rapid implementation of the project in accordance with objectives and timescales agreed in the roadmap stage.


Step 5

A formal post-implementation review will be undertaken to confirm the benefits proposed have been achieved and to agree future steps. With 24/7 support, you’ll be in good hands.


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