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Azure Governance and Security

As organisations embrace the rewards of cloud computing to connect with clients and optimise operations, new challenges can also emerge. One of the biggest hurdles in the adoption of cloud computing is ensuring that users have the right skill-set to manage the underlying technologies, as well as the understanding of how to manage and automate the Microsoft Azure platform.

QUANTIQ’s Azure Experts can help you develop a tailored governance framework to help ensure that all areas of your business needs are met.

Azure Governance and Security

Helping you Develop a Tailored Governance Framework to Help Ensure that all areas of your Business needs are Met.

The Process

QUANTIQ’s Azure Governance Framework can be implemented at various stages of the Azure process – whether you have existing policies in place, or whether you are completely new to Azure governance, QUANTIQ has you covered.

If your organisation has existing policies that govern on-premise IT environments, cloud governance should complement these policies. The level of corporate policy integration between on-premise and the cloud will also vary depending on your cloud governance maturity, and digital estate in the cloud. As your cloud estate changes over time, so will your cloud governance processes and policies.

QUANTIQ’s Azure Governance is based upon implementing the cloud adoption framework and incorporates:

  • Corporate Policy
  • Identity
  • Security
  • Resource Consistency
  • Cost Management
  • Deployment Acceleration


  • Discovery and Assessment:
    The Discovery and Assessment stage will help you establish a basic understanding of the methodology that drives cloud governance in the Cloud Adoption Framework, so that you can begin to formulate the end state solution.  The process of the Discovery and Assessment Stage helps:

    • Assess the current state and future state to establish a vision for applying the Governance Framework.
    • Produce a Governance Adoption Plan.
  • Governance Foundation:
    The Governance Foundation stage helps you begin the governance journey with a small, easily implemented set of governance tools*.

    *This initial governance foundation is a minimum viable product (MVP) state of the Governance Adoption Plan. This MVP will typically be consistent across clients.

  • Governance Optimisation and Adoption:
    Throughout implementation of the Cloud Adoption Plan, governance controls are added in iterations to address tangible risks as you progress toward the end state.

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