Cloud Migration and Modernisation

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Cloud Migration and Modernisation

Do you have an on-premise infrastructure that is nearing end-of-life and you want to move to the Cloud?  Or maybe you have a hybrid environment and you are ready to move all your applications to the Cloud, but you aren’t sure where to begin?

Our QUANTIQ Azure Expert team have developed Cloud Migration and Modernisation Services that will allow you to modernise existing applications, as well as tackle more extensive Cloud Migration Projects.

Cloud Migration and Modernisation

Providing you with the Tools and Guidance to Help you Move, Manage and Secure all Workloads.

The Services

QUANTIQ will provide you with the tools and guidance to help you move, manage and secure all workloads – not only improving scalability and security, but also improving your organisations financial resilience.

There are 3 main phases in the QUANTIQ Cloud Migration and Modernisation Services:

  1. Migration Assessment
    Before migrating a workload to Azure, QUANTIQ will establish the current infrastructure and define what the migrated workload will look like.  This allows for a full understanding of the migration process and allows costs to be clear and visible, as well as helping create a Migration Assessment Plan.
  2. Lift & Shift Migration
    The migration phase takes the recommendations highlighted during the Migration Assessment Plan, and puts them place:

    • The creation of an Azure platform 'scaffold' - with a baseline set of governance, security and compliance controls.
    • The migration of existing workloads to Azure in an optimised way - without code changes – using a lift-and-shift migration.
    • Evaluation and testing to ensure the migrated applications meet the criteria identified during the assessment.

    A more extensive project or engagement can include elements of platform modernisation, expanding migration beyond 'lift & shift'. For further details, contact us today.

The Services

  1. Optimisation and Adoption (or Management)
    The optimisation phase uses the Azure Security and Management resources to govern, secure and monitor the cloud applications in Azure. During this phase our QUANTIQ Azure Experts will:

    • Review Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor to track spending and identify areas for cost savings.
    • Evaluate migrated applications for opportunities to right size over provisioned virtual machines and services.
    • Implement automation to resize or stop based on a utilisation schedule.
    • Identify applications that could benefit from optimisation with platform as a service (PaaS) services or containers.
    • In addition, during this phase the environment will transition to customer management, providing knowledge transfer and support into BAU.

Contact Us today

Our QUANTIQ Azure Experts are ready to help you start migrating, the QUANTIQ way.  From business planning, to training, to security and governance, we have all your Cloud needs covered. Contact us today to start your Azure journey.

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