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QUANTIQ’s Data Platform and Analytics

Elevate your Data and Analytics to Advance Your Digital Business

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Providing a Comprehensive Review of your Existing Azure Environment

QUANTIQ’s Data Platform and Analytics

Now more than ever, an organisation’s success relies on the ability to access data and scale operations. By consolidating data sources and migrating to the cloud, lowered costs and democratised data increases speed of access and visibility.

QUANTIQ’s Data Platform and Analytics Services will help you source, interpret and use your data with a flexible and modern platform.

Data Platform and Analytics

Source, Interpret and use your Data with a Flexible and Modern Platform.

QUANTIQ’s Data Platform Service

Helping you build custom applications. Modernise or migrate your existing application platform to Azure Data Solutions.

Features of this service include:

  • Modernisation via migration.
  • Driving existing mission critical, data warehouse and advanced analytics workloads from either a legacy version of SQL Server or other platforms to the Azure Modern Data Platform offerings.

QUANTIQ’s Analytics Services

QUANTIQ’s Azure Experts will help you use the full breadth of your data assets to help build transformative and secure analytical solutions.

QUANTIQ will use fully managed services to help you easily deploy solutions for BI and reporting, advanced analytics and real-time analytics. Transform data into timely insights through Power BI visualisations for everyone in the organisation.

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Our QUANTIQ Azure Experts are ready to help you start migrating, the QUANTIQ way.  From business planning, to training, to security and governance, we have all your cloud needs covered. We’ll ensure that your business requirements are met whilst delivering cost savings and powerful analytics. Contact us today to start your Azure journey.

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