QUANTIQ's Bespoke BI Solutions

QUANTIQ’s bespoke BI Solutions: Taking into Consideration Individual Business Requirements

QUANTIQ understands your Organisation

QUANTIQ have developed bespoke BI Solutions which take into consideration individual business requirements, as well as Out of the Box Solutions for Dynamics 365 that can help you accelerate the process of BI Modelling and Report Creation.

Power BI: Proof of Value

A ‘Mini Project Notion’ which has been specifically designed to Demonstrate a Solution to a particular pain point you may be experiencing.  Whether this be with gaining insights from information or evaluating/comparing specific BI/Analytic Technologies or Solutions.  Over five-days, the Mini Project will help you evaluate functionality and solution options.

Power BI in a BOX for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Power BI is an Analytics and Visualisation tool of choice for many, and is seen as a worldwide leader in Data and Power BI platforms.   It’s an excellent platform for Operational Reporting and Analytics with the ability to create standard reports, dashboards and analytical workspaces. Nevertheless, BI Modelling and Report Creation can be a lengthy and challenging process:

  • Strategic reporting in multiple sources as well as providing a holistic view of performance across a business can be difficult as well as expensive
  • Building a Data Warehouse can take time and requires specialist skills and knowledge

Built using our specialist knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, QUANTIQ have developed an out of the box solution, which works through these challenges and offers an accelerated process to BI Modelling and Report Creation.

Power BI in a BOX for Microsoft Dynamics 365

An out-of-the-box BI Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can accelerate a typically lengthy and expensive process.

The solution includes Out of the Box Analytics, Customisable Extensible Reports, Scalable BI Architecture and offers:

  • Pre-built Power BI and SQL* based data models hosted on a scalable BI Platform on Azure that can be readily extended to include your own data
  • Sample reports and templates to accelerate report development with data model documentation

*SQL data models not applicable to D365 Business Central

QUANTIQ’s Power BI in a Box – What’s included?

Out of the Box Power BI Data Models are available for:

Sample Reports, which allow for:

  • Getting you up and running quickly and demonstrating the ‘art of the possible’
  • Templates to accelerate report development and customise ‘look and feel’
  • Documentation to enable Power Users and Report Authors to get started quickly with creating content

Implementation services including:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 data feeds
  • Data model configuration for setup
  • Deployment to Power BI Service and Scheduling
  • Power BI Training for authors and administrators

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Our Team of Experts will be with you every step of the way, providing expert advice on which solutions are best fit for your organisation, as well as the necessary documentation and training to ensure your solution is successfully implemented.  So, if you’re ready to learn more about getting up and running with QUANTIQ’s Power BI in a BOX get in touch with our experts today and we can measure your needs.

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Dashboard in a Day

QUANTIQ's Dashboard in a Day workshops are a must for any enterprise where driving usable, consumable intelligence across the organisation is on your to-do list. You'll learn how to get started straight out-of-the-box with Power BI for Dynamics 365, and how to create intelligent dynamic dashboards that empower your team.

Consulting Services: QUANTIQ’s BI Workshops

Not sure what your Business Intelligence Strategy is? Or maybe your Power BI reports are slow and un-responsive or you may have failing dashboards? These workshops are run by QUANTIQ Expert Consultants who will ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power BI investment.

Training: Power BI Training

An array of training is available dependent on your business requirements. From hands-on workshops for Business Analysts that cover the full capabilities of Power BI, to advanced workshops covering the full functionality of Power BI, as well as bespoke training covering Azure Data Services.