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QUANTIQ's Power BI Training

QUANTIQ's Power BI Training: Providing an array of training dependent on your Business Needs

Find the Power BI training you need with QUANTIQ

An array of training is available dependent on your business requirements. From hands-on workshops for Business Analysts that cover the full capabilities of Power BI, to advanced workshops covering the full functionality of Power BI, as well as bespoke training covering Azure Data Services. Continue reading to see what workshops would work best for your organisation:

Power BI Training: Dashboard in a Day

This one-day interactive workshop is targeted at Business Analysts.  The session covers the full capabilities of Power BI.  At the end of the session, attendees will be able to:

  • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Define business rules and KPIs
  • Explore data with powerful visualisation tools and build impressive reports
  • Share dashboards with their team and business partners as well as publish them to the web

Power BI Training: Advanced Courses

These workshops, are one-day interactive sessions which follow on from the Dashboard in a Day Training.  Targeted at Business Analysts who want to learn and understand the more advanced functionalities in Power BI.

Advanced Modeling (DAX) with Power BI

Walking you through Power BI capabilities to enhance the data model for your business users. The course covers key aspects of how to create a comprehensive data model to meet your business requirements. After completing this training, you will be able to build advanced calculations with Power BI.

Advanced Data Shaping (M) with Power BI

Examining how to combine, shape and enhance data from multiple data sources in Power BI in order to create a comprehensive data model to meet your business requirements. The course will examine the more advanced aspects of data shaping using Power Query and the M language.

Advanced Visualisation with Power BI

Covering design patterns for dashboards and reports, best practices for visualisation and the agile process for creating rich Power BI data visualisations in order to author great reports and dashboards for business users. This enables attendees to understand the art and science behind visualisations, implications behind choosing the right charts, the impact of colour, shape and size, and the use of Power BI custom visuals.

Power BI Training: Administrator in a Day

A one-day course with the objective of attendees leaving with the knowledge to administer and manage their Power BI Tenant, including any Premium Capacities.

The workshop will examine Power BI Administration and the Management of a Power BI Tenant. Learn about the configuration of the Power BI tenant settings, usage monitoring, and provisioning of licenses, and other key organisational resources. The course will also allow for the completion of specific hands-on labs around using Premium Capacity in Power BI.

Contact us now for full details and to discuss your Power BI training requirements.

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Dashboard in a Day

QUANTIQ's Dashboard in a Day workshops are a must for any enterprise where driving usable, consumable intelligence across the organisation is on your to-do list. You'll learn how to get started straight out-of-the-box with Power BI for Dynamics 365, and how to create intelligent dynamic dashboards that empower your team.

Consulting Services: QUANTIQ’s BI Workshops

Not sure what your Business Intelligence Strategy is? Or maybe your Power BI reports are slow and un-responsive or you may have failing dashboards? These workshops are run by QUANTIQ Expert Consultants who will ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power BI investment.

Design and Build: QUANTIQ’s Bespoke BI Solutions

QUANTIQ have developed Bespoke BI Solutions which take into consideration individual business requirements, as well as Out of the Box Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, that can help you accelerate the process of BI Modelling and Report Creation.