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Rapid ERP Modernisation

Future Proofed Technology to Help You Thrive Through Dramatic Change

NAV is Being Retired

If you are unsure of what the NAV to Cloud Roadmap would entail for your organisation, watch our exclusive on-demand webinar and discover how Business Central QuickStart NAV Accelerator can help!

A Quality, Modern ERP Solution with best in-class functionality

QUANTIQ’s configuration and implementation of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

A flexible design, allowing new elements to be added as your business grows or your requirements change.

Future Proofed Technology to Help You Thrive Through Dramatic Change

Transform Your Old ERP in Less Than a Month From Only £9,500*

At QUANTIQ, we understand that often the fear of the process is what puts organisations off modernising their operations and are delighted to have developed a solution which gives you the flexibility to start with the functions you need right now and adapt as your business grows.

If you are an organisation who needs a quality, modern ERP solution with best in-class functionality read on!

If you are an organisation who needs a quality, modern ERP solution with best in-class functionality read on!

What is QUANTIQ’s Business Central QuickStart?

Business Central QuickStart is QUANTIQ’s configuration and implementation of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Developed by our expert team to be well defined and easy to understand – pulling together functionality around the specific areas of the software and grouping them together, allowing you to choose only the packages that relate to your business requirements.

With a flexible design, new elements can be added as your business grows and to your current existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, meaning that you only pay for what you need!

QuickStart On Demand Webinar

Join QUANTIQ’s Consulting Experts and find out how you can achieve Rapid ERP Modernisation

Finance CORE and Finance Core+

QUANTIQ experts will work with you and your business to help you decide which package is right for you. The packages are designed to work from a CORE, providing you with flexibility right from the start - you can choose the CORE which is right for you and your business now and adapt and add over time, as your business requirements change.

Finance Core is an out of the Box solution where both set-up and configuration has been pre-defined and tested by our QUANTIQ Experts and includes*:

Finance Core+ includes the Finance CORE functionality as well as the option to bring your own Chart of Accounts and VAT Setup from an existing system.

To enhance Finance Core and Core +, you can choose from several fixed price additional options.

  • Choose from a selection of Approval Workflows (New Customer Approval, Credit Limit change, Sales/ Purchase Invoice Approval, Journal Approval and many more)
  • Payment Export:  Export BACS payments directly to your bank
  • Statement Import:  Import your Bank Statement directly into BC for reconciliation

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Business Central QuickStart – What Packages are Available?

The following packages can be added to either the Finance CORE or Finance CORE+, pulling together functionality around the specific areas of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and grouping them together, allowing you to choose only the packages that relate to your business requirements.

Package 1: Sales Order Processing – includes Sales Quotes (create and archive sales quotes); Sales Orders; Pre-Payments (setup pre-payments for customers with pre-paid invoices); Sales Credit Memos; Salespeople (assign your sales team to customers and sales orders); Enhanced Document Layouts (layouts for sales orders etc) and the option to choose from a selection of Approval Workflows (sales order approval, sales quote approval and more).

Package 2: Purchase Order Processing – includes Purchase Quotes (with archiving); Purchase Credit Memos; Purchase Receipts; Pre-Payments Setup (pre-payments for vendors); Purchasers (set purchasers against orders and vendors); Enhanced Document Layouts (including layouts for sales orders etc.) and the option to choose from a selection of Approval Workflows.

Package 3: Basic Inventory – requires the Sales Order Processing Package and includes Basic Inventory (buy & sell stock Items); Sales & Purchasing Returns (allows you to manage returns end-to-end); Single Location (one warehouse location only); Stock Counts (create count sheets and automate adjustments); Cycle Counts (cycle count stock as required); FIFO Costing (FIFO stock valuation); Item Charges (apply various incoming charges i.e. freight to purchased items; Resources (can be used to charge time to customers); Drop-Shipments (ship goods directly from your vendor to the customer); Special Orders (special purchase orders raised to vendors, with the system reserving the stock for the customer); Intrastat Reporting (out of the box standard reporting); Price Lists and Discounts (apply price lists or discount to customers/vendors); Shelf Numbers (basic location of items) and the option to choose from a selection of Approval Workflows (New Items, Price Change etc.)

Package 4: Full Inventory – requires the Basic Inventory Package.  The Full Inventory Package brings together some of the more complex areas of Inventory Management including Serial/ Lot Tracking for Items; Product Variants; Cross References (hold the Vendors item numbers against your inventory); Reservations (reserve specific stock for customers); Various Costing Methods (standard costing, average etc) and Item Attributes (hold multiple attributes against items with the ability to filter).**Coming Soon:  Warehouse and Advanced distribution features.

Package 5: Multi & Inter Company – Maximum of 5 additional Companies; Intercompany Trading (send and receive sales orders or purchase orders between companies)

Package 6: Consolidation – requires the Multi & Inter Company package, adding the ability to consolidate multiple companies into one for reporting:  Group Consolidation (consolidations GL ledger transactions); Group Dimension Reporting (reports at a Dimension level across multiple consolidated companies) and Group VAT (allows for group submission to HMRC)

Package 7: Fixed Assets – multiple Depreciation methods (straight line and reducing balance + others and custom if required); Optional GL Integration (can post directly to GL if required, or keep separate and update manually) and Automatic Depreciation Calculation (will keep an Asset ledger with the history).

Package 8: Business Central CRM – Business Relations (records the different people associated with a Vendor/ Customer and their individual role); Questionnaires (set questions to help categories your contacts); Mailing Groups (group customers together by characteristic); Campaigns (allows for campaign specific sales pricing etc.); Sales Cycles (tracks the status of your opportunities from first interaction through to sales order); Sales Quotes (allows for multiple versions of a single sales quote to be discussed with the customer); Opportunities (part of the sales cycle) and Interaction Log (ability to log all interactions with customers).

Package 9: Jet Reports – Jet is a 3rd Party Excel add-in that allows for greater reporting from Business Central in Excel and includes, Jet Reports Extension; Standard Report Pack and Product Training.

Business Central QuickStart – The Process

The process of implementing Business Central QuickStart has been made as simple and clear as possible, and what’s more, our Team of Experts will be with you every step of the way, providing expert advise:

Step 1: Alongside your QUANTIQ Expert, you will choose the package that is right for your organisation.

Step 2: Getting your business data into Business Central. QuickStart projects use data validators to pre-process your data for Business Central, meaning any data issues can be dealt with quickly.

Step 3: Online guided training specifically tailored to your project including follow-up sessions with your dedicated QUANTIQ Expert.

Step 4: Go-Live!

Developing Business Central QuickStart

As soon as phase 1 is complete you also have the option of adding new packages to your system. It is possible to implement two further packages into this phase:

Package 10: Assembly Management – requires the Full Inventory package and includes, Assembly BOM’s (items that are assembled for component parts, can include resources such as time); Assembly Orders (separate document type to manage the creation of BOM’s; Assemble-to-Order (generates demand based on sales orders) and Assemble-to-Stock (generates demand based on required Min Stock Levels).

Package 11: Distribution – requires the Full Inventory package and includes, Maximum of 3 separate warehouse locations (allows for multiple locations to hold stock); Picking Rules (drives the warehouse picking routines); Transfer Orders (used to move stock between warehouses) and Warehouse Documents (shipments and receipts sperate to those in sales orders or purchase orders).

Package 12: Jobs – this module can be used for both external and internal business projects and includes, Job Task Lines (allows you to setup tasks at each stage of the project); Job Planning Lines (enables you to plan times for each task); Standard WIP Posting (system calculates and posts work-in-progress to the GL); Budget vs. Actual Reporting (standard system reports) and Integration to Sales & Purchase (inbuild integration to both sales and purchase if required).

Business Central QuickStart - Additional Packages

In addition to the Packages available in phase 2, there are many additional packages that are available as part of QuickStart. These must be implemented in their own phase, one at a time:

Package 13: CE Prospect to Payment as part of the BC/CE solution – harness CE for Opportunity and Quote Management and BC for Order Fulfilment

Package 14: Continia – pick one from the available products available, Document Capture (automatic OCR importing of incoming documents); Expense Management (app based expenses module for Business Central) and Document output (enhanced capabilities for emailing and batch sending from Business Central).

Package 15: Power BI in a Box – harness the Out of the Box Analytics using Power BI.

Our QUANTIQ Experts have done all the hard work for you, and built the data schema for Business Central as well as providing out of the box templated analytics. Power BI Data Models available for Business Central include: Finance (Statements – GL, Payables – AP, Receivables – AP); Sales (Orders / Invoices, Item / Customer / Sales Person); Inventory (On-hand / POs / Demand Projection).

Sample reports and dashboards available as part of this package. Click here for further information.

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Our clients can tell you that our expertise in streamlining business processes means we consult with a “less is more” approach. QUANTIQ will provide you with only what you need meaning that you only pay for what you need!

So, if you’re ready to learn more about getting up and running with Business Central QuickStart get in touch with our experts today and we can measure your needs.


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