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NEW transformative solutions for the Charity & Nonprofits to Optimise Fundraising, Resource Deployment & Donor Management Capabilities


Looking for a fast and tangible Fundraising and Donation Management Solution that incorporates fundamental aspects such as Gift Aid, Volunteering and Direct Debits…

QUANTIQ delivers Fundraising and Donor Management Capabilities

At QUANTIQ we, are committed to developing unique IP using Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities that enable Nonprofits to minimise overhead and operating expenses, maximising throughput of funding and streamlining service delivery to clients.

This continued commitment to Nonprofit, have allowed our QUANTIQ team to develop the NEW CareTEQ.

CareTEQ delivers a fast and tangible Fundraising and Donation Management Solution that incorporates fundamental aspects such as Gift Aid, Volunteering and Direct Debits.

QUANTIQ Working with Microsoft to Support Tech for Social Impact

QUANTIQ are one of the few UK partners selected by Microsoft to support the launch of their Nonprofit Operations Toolkit and are able to provide advice and support on how to deploy and drive value from these Power Platform based apps specifically created for the Charity & Nonprofit markets.

QUANTIQ can help you leverage this modern Power Platform technology which is aimed at automating projects, awards management, budgeting, and time & expense workflows. Staff and volunteers can be armed with secure, integrated mobile applications to take the burden out of time and expense management in key scenarios.

Where appropriate the Nonprofit Operations Toolkit from Microsoft can be deployed alongside QUANTIQ’s proprietary CareTEQ solutions to enhance and broaden their mutual capabilities to provide enhanced features and increase your ability to visualise your data using Microsoft PowerBI.

Facilitate and Manage

CareTEQ has been designed and built to facilitate and manage many of the processes that a Nonprofit organisation would typically struggle to achieve with many standard ERP solutions.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Engagement, the Microsoft Common Data Model and Nonprofit Accelerator.  Making CareTEQ a feature rich CRM solution with direct integrations into the most common fundraising websites such as Just Giving and Virgin Money as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance.

The result is a product with full Fundraising Management Capabilities and Fund Management Features, such as:

  • Gift Aid
  • Direct Debit (Integration into the bottomline)
  • Fundraising and Donation Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and common fundraising platforms

Unified Data, Discovering Insights

CareTEQ is built on Microsoft’s Common Data Service and the Nonprofit Accelerator allowing for unprecedented control and access to data from all of your solutions.

In addition, the impact of Microsoft’s Power Platform including Power BI and using pre-defined templates from both Microsoft and QUANTIQ will allow your Nonprofit organisation to unify data from many sources. Creating interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive results for your organisation.

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We understand the significant difference Dynamics 365 can make to a Nonprofit organisation, streamlining their processes and interaction with sponsors and donors alike.

If you are a Nonprofit organisation or charity that have Fund and Fundraising Management requirements, CareTEQ can really make a difference to your organisation.  In addition, Higher Education, NHS and Local Regional Government will also be able to take advantage of the common features particularly when combined with other QUANTIQ products such as the Citizen Portal or Nonprofit Customer Insights.

With overhead and expenses reduced, more funding can be directed towards actively making a change in the world. To learn more about what we can do for your Nonprofit organisation, contact us today.