Business profile

    MJ Quinn are a Utilities Company based in the UK. A key part of their organisation is a Telecommunications Division, who manage Nationwide installations on behalf of a major UK Supplier. MJ Quinn’s engineers install thousands of fibre, copper and broadband solutions for customers across the UK every day.

    Business Challenge

    Prior to the implementation of D365, MJ Quinn were using a 2011 Dynamics CRM solution to manage their operations. This solution had been customised internally to support many functions including the resource-scheduling and planning of their engineers’ daily schedules.  MJ Quinn made bespoke adjustments to their Dynamics CRM. As the contract grew and volumes increased the strain on the existing system, this began to manifest in short outages, slow transactions and general unreliability. The nature of the work they do, and the 24 hour turn around from receipt to completion, put immense strain on IT Support and the Operational teams.

    Although MJ Quinn had written their Dynamics CRM into a service delivery system, it was becoming difficult to maintain. With regular system failures and an in-house team dedicated to resolving live issues, MJ Quinn were facing on premise issues, system unreliability and as a business were not able to scale the solution to meet the increased demand from both internal staff and new contracts and work streams. Whilst the service delivered to their clients was never compromised, this put an enormous stain on their internal teams to resolve issues and it was becoming unsustainable They needed a new, robust and modern solution.

    We had to quickly understand MJ Quinn’s order turnaround of the “create, execute and complete within 24 hours” service model. We learnt how critical it was to build a robust Dynamics platform that could cope with the high level of time-sensitive field service jobs. Having never worked with an organisation quite like this before, it was crucial for all of us to get this project right.

    Business Solution

    When MJ Quinn began engaging with our QUANTIQ Team, we quickly realised we could provide a solution platform that met their requirements without piggybacking on a legacy CRM system, focusing on what they actually needed and using as much standard Dynamics 365 functionality as possible. We proposed a multi-stage approach for their Digital Transformation, starting with Phase One: Dynamics 365 Field Service encompassing:

    • Dynamics 365 Field Service: to replace numerous disparate bespoke systems and provide a field service and planning solution that had scalability and reliability.
    • Data Integration within the Common Data Service: to map 1000’s of daily orders from the client and create the required jobs in Dynamics 365 for the field engineers to execute the following day once scheduled. The solution also had to provide automated updates and messaging back to the client, and this proved to be an equally complex and difficult aspect of the integration.
    • PowerApps canvas and model-driven apps: For building complex data sets and data flows to feed reports and dashboards. We also repurposed an internal solution, exceeding native functionality and providing a stable solution that can be scaled as the MJ Quinn business continues to expand.
    • Power BI: to provide new and enhanced reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities for managers and operational staff, as well engineering auditing dashboards.

    On the proposed project launch day and the first scheduled face to face meeting, the UK’s first lockdown was introduced. Teams on both sides quickly adapted and, working mainly through Microsoft Teams, were able to roll out this project remotely. Live sessions with all of the key stakeholders in the process had to be set as a substitute for physically sitting in with people to observe and understand the end to end process.

    Using the Field Service application for resource-scheduling, we opted to utilise and rewrite MJ Quinn’s own specific planning tool. Using Dynamics 365 as the basis, all their systems could work together seamlessly and would become future-proofed, thanks to the power of the Microsoft Cloud.

    As often happens, midway through the deployment, the agreed specification changed due to new work streams being added. The collaboration with MJ Quinn, and specifically their internal operations team, was outstanding. We were able to accommodate the additional requests with a “can-do attitude” and incorporated these changes within the design and delivery framework, seamlessly and successfully.

    The proposal for further phases in the project would enhance the reporting requirements, leveraging Power BI and would enhance the Dynamics 365 core HR solution already implemented. There is also an opportunity to adopt Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management to streamline operations and logistic functions, ultimately providing a single operational platform that will scale as the business expands.

    Working with QUANTIQ

    “I found the QUANTIQ team to be flexible, innovative, helpful, and totally committed to delivering the product with minimal disruption to business as usual.

    The commercial implications of system failure or inability to integrate new work streams generated a huge amount of pressure. But the positive, collaborative team working ensured that we were able to migrate the full product set in-line with our customer’s expectations. We now have a robust, reliable and scalable system that will help future proof our business.”

    Mike Small, Head of Business Improvement, MJ Quinn.