Change Management with QUANTIQ

The Driving Force Behind Adoption

QUANTIQ’s Change Management

QUANTIQ are the experts at streamlining critical enterprise workflows. By leveraging future-proofed digital operations platforms and cloud-based enterprise applications, such as Dynamics 365 we bring together everything you need to rapidly and securely transform your critical enterprise workloads.

However, our work does not stop there, QUANTIQ want to support our clients in their entire transformational journey. In order to realise your desired business outcomes and return on investment, it’s critical for users to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them as part of their everyday working life.

Change Management is the driving force behind successful user adoption, and this can be realised through our specially tailored workshops that focus on:

  • The activities required to prepare your organisation for transformational change.
  • Facilitating the transition from your old way of working to the desired way of working.
  • Embedding the change as the new norm.

Change Management – What is it?

Change Management from QUANTIQ consists of a series of workshops, uniquely targeted to enable you to better prepare and deliver change as part of your digital transformation.  The Workshops are delivered by highly trained Certified Business Change Practitioners.

The support does not end there.  All clients will be offered ongoing assistance from a QUANTIQ Change Specialist to advise and review progress against the Client Change Plan, as well as being provided with templates and tools which you can use to help build and progress with your Change Plan.

The Benefits of QUANTIQ's Change Management Workshops

Tools and process to support delivery of project and business change programmes

Additional support and access to advice and guidance available to support project team

Customer Success Workshop to align team expectations and mitigate challenges

Enhanced Stakeholder view on project performance

Measurable level of client confidence and complexity of project

Effective adoption of solution leading to faster return of investment

The Change Management Packages

There are 3 main QUANTIQ Change Management Packages:

  • Tier 1 - Customer Success Workshops: Is the first step. It is the foundation of a successful implementation and the workshop output will act as a benchmark against which to measure progress towards the project goals. The focus is explicitly not on technology – it concentrates on your readiness to transform and achieve your business goals.The Customer Success Workshop is ideally performed as part of the project initiation and can also act as a re-assessment of readiness at any stage during an implementation.Customer Success Outputs:
    • Detailed Report with Outputs
    • Project Complexity Assessment: Understand your environment and risks, gain new insights, plan and execute.
    • Adoption Health Assessment: Defines your current state and goals for the future, as well as suggestions and next steps for your organisation.
  • Tier 2 - Change Management Training: This training takes place after the Customer Success Workshop and solely focuses on Business Change Tools and Templates and how to use them successfully. A step vital for increasing project buy-in from stakeholders and, ultimately, project success.
  • Tier 3: Change Management and Advisory Services: The final part of the jigsaw, concentrates on Change Management advanced techniques and tools training for your organisation.  This involves regular stakeholder engagement and expert mentoring for your project team members.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

The Dynamics 365 solution effectively supports the business strategy of the organisation


  • Each business stakeholder team has been involved in solution planning, design, and assessment.
  • Solution design defined by business strategy and process needs - not desired business processes changed to match technology
  • Employees understand their processes and what is expected of them when using Dynamics 365.
  • Business leaders and managers understand how the solution supports their business goals.
  • Business leaders and managers are vocal about how the solution fits into the business strategy.


  • Business leaders have communicated their vision for the solution and how it fits into their goals.
  • The solution is critical to achieving our goals, growth and scale.
  • Success measures and KPIs for the solution are clearly defined, understood, and support the business outcomes.
  • Business leaders regularly review the success metrics and KPIs, comparing actual with expected outcomes.
  • Adoption is import: if users don't use it effectively, expected business results won't materialize.

Value driven

  • Employees view the solution as helping them do their jobs faster and more effectively.
  • Employees view the solution as helping their team and the organisation fulfil their missions more effectively.
  • Employees get more valuable data & insights from the solution that they can't get elsewhere.
  • Business leaders use data from the solution on their business scorecards or performance reporting.
  • Employees and managers measure performance using dashboards or data from the solution.

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