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Drive Value from your investment in Power Virtual Agents with QUANTIQ

Power Virtual Agents with QUANTIQ

In the current climate we are all having to adapt to working differently– working from home has become the new norm as well as adapting to changing roles.

Are you struggling to scale your team to manage the challenges of widespread remote working and respond to the uncertainty and questions your employees have?

Read on to learn how QUANTIQ can offer you a range of services enabling you to drive business value from your investment in Power Virtual Agents.

Power Virtual Agent Strategy Workshop

Have you invested in Power Virtual Agents, however are not sure what your bot strategy is or your organisation’s roadmap? This one-day workshop with a QUANTIQ Expert Consultant has been developed to specifically define your bot strategy and roadmap – and to ensure you drive the best value from your investment. The workshop will cover:

  • Power Virtual Agent Extensibility and Capabilities
  • Architecture: Scenarios and Administration
  • Diagnostics: Solutions; Priorities and Road-mapping

At the end of the workshop, our QUANTIQ Expert Consultant will provide you with a detailed strategy document tailored to your organisation, as well a specific next step plan for your organisation.

Power Virtual Agent: Adoption Workshops

A series of 2 x One-day workshops tailored at driving Power Virtual Adoption and how to create a bot enabled experience. The workshop will provide guidance, best-practices and resources to help your organisation adopt bot technologies and establish a Power Agent Centre of Excellence - developed to break-down organisational silos; share knowledge and success as well as create/manage bots at any scale.

At QUANTIQ, we are first and foremost Consultants, and have used our extensive experience with our Clients to develop The Power Virtual Framework. The framework used within the workshop will present a set of roles, responsibilities and behaviours that have been developed after working with clients in real-life Power Virtual Agent deployments.

Power Virtual Agent Training: Power Virtual Agent in a Day

Are you unsure how to get the most out of your Power Virtual Agent? Do you understand the full capabilities of a Power Virtual Agent?

Learn how to remove the burden of common requests from your clients by automating typical responses to frequently asked questions and scenarios, by building a Power Virtual Agent chat bot to qualify whether a query needs to be handed to a human.

This workshop will provide second-to-none training on how to:

  • Create a bot in the power virtual tool
  • Configure Q&A examples for bot interaction
  • Explore the platform and learn its capabilities
  • Design and configure topics and conversations
  • Deploy the bot to multiple channels that it can be interacted with
  • Build your own Virtual Agent bot for your own user cases

A must attend for anyone using Power Virtual Agents. Contact us to learn more.

Power Virtual Agent Proof of Value

This five-day, mini project has been specifically developed to help your organisation resolve a particular pain-point you may be experiencing with the aid of the Power Virtual Agent.

Showcasing the benefits and business value that a bot solution can add to your organisation; how it can be used as a sales tool for your wider business or to support a specific business case and how it can be used to evaluate functionality and solution options within the buying cycle.

During the workshop, our QUANTIQ Expert Consultant will help you develop a prototype demonstrator to specifically tackle the pain-point that has been highlighted, with the aim for it to be used for future design within your organisation.

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If you are looking at how you can drive value form your investment in Power Virtual Agents, QUANTIQ’s services are right for you. We have a range of services covering all your requirements, no matter your stage or experience. Contact us today to find out more.