Microsoft Dynamics Distribution ERP Software

The distribution industry demands efficiency and agility to meet rising customer expectations. Microsoft’s Distribution ERP software enables distributors to manage and streamline every aspect of their businesses, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. Microsoft Dynamics business management software provides insight into the operational and supply-chain needs of distribution and logistics companies.



Streamline inventory management

Improve warehouse utilisation

Improve your warehouse utilisation, lead time management and distribution channels to help you deliver the goods customers want, on time.

Streamline warehousing processes

Streamline and automate your entire, end-to-end warehousing process, from route planning for pick & pack to automated inventory replenishment.

Supply chain visibility

Get a complete picture of your inventory availability, sales, shipping schedules, and all other data required to manage your supply chain efficiently.

Forecast customer demand

Spot customer trends

Gain better insight and understanding using real-time data to spot demand trends, cost of servicing each customer, slow-moving stock, and the performance of product lines or items.

Accurate distribution planning

Ensure your deliveries reach the correct destination on the right date in the right time slots with more accurate distribution planning. Gain a competitive edge by providing your customers with an environment where they can view inventory, learn about products, place orders and view past orders. 

Learn who your customers are

Understand your customers’ needs and preferences. Analyse your customers’ purchase history and shopping preferences. Based on this knowledge offer tailored solutions and personalised proposals in response to individual needs.

Empower employees

Focus on what you do best

Automated tasks and deviating from archaic processes of business management can help your company save employees’ time that until has been spent on administrative activities. Your team will focus on what your employees do best: sell actively and serve customers more effectively.

Make informed decisions

Immediately accessible data gives your employees the tools they need to make informed decisions, without wasting time searching for the information they need, allowing your employees to focus on core tasks.

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Colin Bain - Chief Operational Officer