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Our Technology Discovery Workshops | Scoping Digital Transformation

Ensure your IT modernisation is a success by starting with one of our Enterprise Strategy Workshops

One of the biggest causes of IT project failure or sub-optimal deployment is when there is a disconnect between the technology and the business strategy, leading to silos in ownership and responsibilities.

Maximise the agility, impact and ROI of your digital transformation project by working with our experts to:

  • Align technology & business value objectives
  • Achieve cross-organisation stakeholder alignment
  • Outline actionable goals & priorities
  • Align appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365Power Platform and associated technologies to achieve your goals

Note: 100% Funding is available from Microsoft for qualifying organisations. Please talk to your QUANTIQ expert or contact our Help Desk Here for more information & to apply.

    QUANTIQ is part of the Microsoft Catalyst Framework 2021

    Build, Plan, and Execute Business Transformation Strategies with an Innovative Approach from Microsoft Catalyst.

    Technology Envisioning Workshop

    QUANTIQ's Technology Envisioning Workshop is designed to create an optimised, fully-aligned plan for how Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and related technologies can help your organisation adapt and thrive through dramatic change.

    • Reach & agree a clear understanding of key stakeholder objectives, enterprise challenges, and opportunities for improvement.
    • Determine Digital Transformation priorities and how to achieve them using the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies
    • Define top initiatives to pursue

    Enterprise Value Assessment (EVA) Workshop

    The Project Design Phase is a key component of any technology project, defining the terms of a valuable delivery for each organisation and creating the blueprint for the project steps and goals.

    The Enterprise Value Assessment Workshop is recommended for leadership teams who are looking to define, in detail, the value drivers and metrics of their IT modernisation. This workshop empowers teams to build on their IT strategy, determining an appropriate governance and review structure with clear ownership, and ensuring seamless stakeholder engagement.

    The EVA workshop leaves leadership teams clearly aligned on their Digital Transformation goals, with an actionable roadmap to achieve them using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform tools.