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Execute Your Digital Transformation With Microsoft Catalyst





Execute Your Digital Transformation With Microsoft Catalyst

Digital Transformation is real across every industry and is playing a major part in organisations re-thinking their processes. Transformation is not easy, however is necessary to remain competitive and relevant and with Microsoft Catalyst the process becomes manageable and achievable.

Microsoft Catalyst is an innovative approach which facilitates business transformation, employing the full breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud. Based on the Microsoft IDEA Framework which incorporates proven service offerings: Inspire; Design; Empower; Achieve.

Microsoft Catalyst: How Does It Work?

1. Inspire

With Strategy Development Activities, QUANTIQ experts will work with various stakeholders across your organisation to define your organisation’s priorities so that we can begin to understand how technology can help you connect across your business and with your clients and partners. We will then move to a Solution Stage, where a design session combining creative and critical thinking comes together – the focus being to organise ideas in a way which allows for decision making and establish future plans.

2. Design

Our QUANTIQ experts will identify the initiatives that support your business requirements, applying the relevant Microsoft Platforms that align with these. These will be aligned to global and industry benchmarks with measurable business impacts including:

  • Quantified Customer Engagement Improvements.
  • Representation of Solution Costs.
  • Key Measurements including revenue growth; cost savings; employee efficiency improvement.

3. Empower

At this stage, QUANTIQ will help you bring together all of our learnings by creating visual assets and immersive experiences which you can use as informative tools across your organisation and to align on commitments from stakeholders:

  • Who is effected?
  • What is the experience?
  • How will you address change and mitigate risk?
  • What are the quantifiable business impacts?

4. Achieve

This is the Execution Stage and where QUANTIQ will help you establish your Digital Transformation Solution Roadmap. The focus at this stage will be on resources; how change will be facilitated; the technical deployment required and how value and success will be measured.

Building An Actionable Plan Around Your Digital Story

Rethink How Digital May Transform Your Business

QUANTIQ’s Microsoft Catalyst experts are ready to work with you to produce the business you envision. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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