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How to Optimise Tech Driven Retail Transformation

Rapidly Revolutionise your Customer Experience

How to Optimise Tech Driven Retail Transformation

Don’t let the drag of ageing legacy on premise systems and siloed workflows hinder your brand’s ability to transform and thrive through this period of dramatic retail market change.

In this on demand Retail Leadership webinar, you'll learn how brands of all sizes and across every retail segment are rapidly transforming their ability to exceed customer experience using modern Microsoft Business Applications and delivering rapid and material return on investment.

This is a "Retail Business Leader Event". The content will be accessible to those without a technology background but deep enough to add value to technology professionals tasked with considering options for technology transformation driven strategies for their brand.

The Agenda

  • Hear how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to engage customers across every channel, out of the box!
  • Learn how Microsoft Dataverse allows you to ingest and leverage all your existing and historical data regardless of format!
  • Understand how to create compelling digital commerce programs, accelerate loyalty and exceed customer expectations.
  • Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce combined with Microsoft  Customer Insights provide a 360-degree view of your customer relationship.