Confidentiality is paramount in Healthcare; rendering data integrity and security is of primary concern. Microsoft Dynamics Solutions provide healthcare organisations with greater information insight, allowing professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care, which will result in greater client loyalty, increased referrals, and a service that gives you a competitive edge. Optimised case management, enhanced patient experience, greater employee efficiency, improved SLA management, combined with QUANTIQ’s wealth of industry expertise and Microsoft Dynamics Solutions can enable you to streamline your organisation from end-to-end.

QUANTIQ's Care Track

Revolutionising the delivery and management of care programs in the community.

QUANTIQ Create Unique Government IP

At QUANTIQ, we have deep expertise across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology stack and believe in the value it can bring to government organisations. So much so, we are even creating unique IP for specific requirements within the Public Sector, Government, Charity and Healthcare organisations in order to unlock incremental opportunities to drive agility and efficiency in. Check out our Care Track app that's set to revolutionise the delivery and management of care programs in the community.

Healthcare Financial & Human Resource Management

  • Gain real-time insight to funding and expenditure across multiple business units.
  • Manage sensitive payroll information with greater control and security.
  • Provide 24/7 access to payer/patient information anywhere, on any device or browser.
  • Increase productivity via automation of tasks.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

  • Coordinate delivery of patient care throughout the organization with easy access to all patient records.
  • Develop more efficient and effective case management.
  • Increase time spent on patient-focused activities.
  • Deliver better-coordinated outreach and educational activities that target specific communities or populations.

Comply with HIPAA, HL7 & Other Regulations

  • Easily store, categorize, and search compliance documents.
  • Ensure that managers have the necessary data and materials to maintain compliance.
  • Implement intelligent Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging for international standards.

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With a unparalleled understanding of the healthcare sector, QUANTIQ is in prime position to customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions to facilitate and automate scheduling, communications, task allocation and tracking, invoicing, reporting and resource allocation. Contact our healthcare experts today to discuss how we can help you.