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What Makes a Great Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner?

The journey towards successful digital transformation seems to throw up endless forks in the
road, each requiring careful decision making for the future good of your business. No sooner
have you made one choice and feel as if you have taken a big step forward, another critical
decision looms on the path before you.

Take the introduction of a CRM software platform, for example. In the first place, you have to
make the decision that the whole concept sounds a good idea – yes, the integration and
automation of critical sales, marketing and customer service operations will deliver benefits
to my business.

The next big one, of course, is which product to go for. Let’s gloss over that quickly, assume
you’ve done your research, looked at several options, and decided Microsoft Dynamics CRM
is the platform for you.

Happy days, surely – now it’s just a case of plugging in and getting started, yes? Not quite.
Because another critical decision is – who are you going to partner with to provide and
implement your Microsoft Dynamics service?

As a cloud CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics is not like traditional software that you install
in your own data centre and then hand over to your in-house IT team to administer. As a
hosted service, you need to choose a provider. And that is just as big a decision as opting
for Dynamics in the first place. As with any type of supplier, Microsoft Dynamics service
providers are all different, with different approaches, different levels of expertise, different

Choosing the right CRM company

Getting your CRM system right can transform your company’s customer-facing operations,
embedding a culture of information sharing across all departments and putting service at the
core of everything you do. Dynamics can do wonders for how your business gathers,
distributes and uses intelligence about sales, making everything you do more efficient and

But to get the most out of it, you need the right partner. So what exactly should you be
looking for? Here are a few of the key characteristics of a great Microsoft Dynamics partner:

The right blend of expertise

Your Microsoft Dynamics partner should not be purely an IT specialist which focuses only on
the nuts and bolts of how the system works. You want a partner that understands the
business applications of CRM, with knowledge and experience in marketing and sales as
well. That way you can trust that they really know how to get the most out of the platform.

Services that suit your business

Microsoft Dynamics is an extremely large and powerful application suite capable of
performing many different tasks. Some service providers will focus on certain areas more
than others, based on their own in-house skills and specialisms. If you are keen to improve
your brand presence and customer interaction through social media, for example, make sure
you pick a partner with the skills to help you achieve that.

Hand-on approach

Your Microsoft Dynamics partner should be the expert in making your CRM solution deliver
strong results. You should therefore expect the provider to play an active role in helping you
achieve this. Probe into how hands-on a prospective supplier is likely to be post-
implementation – will they, for example, be proactive about helping you with user adoption
and training off the bat, or once everything is plugged in, will they stand off and leave you
with all the responsibility?

Upfront pricing

Some providers will quote what seems a very reasonable price to start with. But once the
service is up and running, every little thing you ask for will trigger an extra charge. There is
no security in this for you as a client, and you can never quite be sure if you are getting good
value or not. Look for a provider that offers clear, fixed pricing upfront, with all charges based
on deliverables.

Accredited provider

Microsoft runs its own Certification Program to accredit the different types and levels its
resale partners have vending its products and delivering its services. This acts as a really
good guide when looking for a provider with the right credentials for your business. Microsoft
Dynamics, for example, has many other applications aside from CRM. Make sure you
choose an accredited CRM partner so you know you are getting exactly what you need.

Your Dynamics Specialist

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