Making Tax Digital

First it was mail, then it was banking, then payroll, signing documents and sharing credentials. Now, it’s Tax. Learn how you can digitally streamline your tax affairs with QUANTIQ & Dynamics 365.

Go 'Tax Digital' for FREE with QUANTIQ!

In 2018, the Government and HMRC announced that they were Making Tax Digital, and that taxable organisations had better prepare. Now the deadline of April the 1st has passed and organisations need to now be working with the new world of Tax Reporting. Still feel unprepared or need urgent help?


Go 'Tax Digital' for FREE with QUANTIQ!

The good news if your organisation uses a Dynamics product, is that we’ve developed a solution to make this whole process easier. HMRC have approved certain solutions that support Making Tax Digital, including Microsoft Dynamics 365. So, we’re offering a fixed-price piece of software to integrate seamlessly with your solution. Within this offering, our Team have ensured each client will be provided with:

  • A tested, validated and compliant solution to send your taxes directly to the HMRC
  • A Technical Consultant to deploy and secure the changes in your NAV or Business Central solution
  • Personalised training specific to your solution and organisation
  • End-to-end QUANTIQ support throughout the entire MTD process
  • Access to support from QUANTIQ’s specialists after implementation
Go 'Tax Digital' for FREE with QUANTIQ!

Can you “Make Tax Digital” with Microsoft Dynamics 365 products?

Can you “Make Tax Digital” with Microsoft Dynamics 365 products?

Our Making Tax Digital with Dynamics offering is tiered in price, or free of cost to new clients who wish to switch their Digital Partner of Record, BREP and Support Services over to us. If you decide to take the plunge and work with us across all of these areas, we’re happy to give you your Dynamics Tax solution for no cost.

For organisations exempt from the ‘throw this in for free’ rule, the prices are fixed in buckets dependent upon which version of your Dynamics product your organisation is using. If your organisation has only recently upgraded to a newer solution, you needn’t worry: this isn’t going to be another big cost outlay for you. In fact, our fixed price costs range from £2,000 to £10,000, a small fee to Make your Tax Digital for the foreseeable future.

The prices may be fixed, but the process is not. We’re prepared to walk through every step of the process with your Team to ensure that the solution meets your needs, is user-friendly and can grow with your existing software.

Prices can also be affected by:

  • If you have multiple test/development/production instances (3+) a £500 fee will incur per group of instances
  • If you have significant, unique developments in your current solution you may require further bespoke services to ensure the MTD code does not compromise your existing functionality. If this is the case for you, additional costs will be subject to further review
  • If you’re using NAV4, NAV5, NAV2009, NAV2013, you may need to procure more code units in order to deploy the MTD functionality. This can only be determined once the deployment of the code has started

The Next Steps to Making Tax Digital

If you’re ready to start Making Tax Digital and your organisation uses a Microsoft Dynamics Solution, you can chat with us about our solution, the costs and what your next steps look like. Book a call with one of our experts or talk to your Account Manager to get the process started.