Better manufacturing through connected processes

The spread of globalisation means companies can no longer work in isolation – supply chains are interconnected on a global scale, new markets are continually emerging and presenting both opportunities and threats to businesses in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are faced with a myriad of challenges in a tough business environment.
Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer a powerful, agile, simple solution that enables manufacturing companies to run and continuously improve your own processes, across multiple sites and geographies, on a single unified platform. To maintain a competitive advantage, manufacturers require flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation. Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing boosts efficiency to effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of materials, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning. Respond quickly to last-minute customer requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to stay ahead of your competition.
At QuantiQ, we understand the many and various needs of different types of manufacturer. That’s why we provide complete business solutions to help manufacturing companies mange their operations in the most competitive and resource-efficient way. QuantiQ’s expert MS Dynamics consultants will work alongside your internal team to implement a solution that can help you automate the production process and entire supply chain, streamlining the organisation so you can deliver added value to your customers.


– Financial Management
– Supply Chain Management
– Project Management
– Warehouse Management
– Transportation Management
– Budget Planning
– Modern Point of Sale (POS)
– Demand Forecasting
– Human Resources Management
– Master Data Management
– E-commerce and Social Media
– Power BI

Our go-live went well. On the first day we received raw material and shipped finished goods. I think that was a result of how we and QuantiQ collectively managed the project and the amount of testing we did.

Solatron Metrology

Building capability, delivering efficiency and process control into production environments

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We were working with QuantiQ as a partner rather than as a supplier on our project in order to get the system implemented

- Weleda

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