Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Media and Entertainment

The competitive nature of the Media and Entertainment industry demands a flexible end-to-end solution that helps distributors and producers effectively manage distribution and production rights, royalties, and promotional and advertising expenses. There is increasing pressure on the Media and Entertainment industry to increase revenues and lower costs. Dynamics 365 for Media and Entertainment helps companies in the industry capitalise on new revenue streams, manage the content creation, exploit channel evolution, marketing, sales, licensing, consumption and digital distribution mechanisms to drive maximum revenues and profits to its clients.

Optimise Advertising & Client Segmentation

Cater to the continuous changes in the industry by optimising and automating sales processes related to the management of direct clients as well as advertising agencies and media planners.

Plus obtain the intelligence needed for defining strategies and tactics channeled towards the most valuable clients and prospects with a holistic 360 degree view and a customer centric approach.

360 Degree View of the Sales & Customer Management Cycle

Track prospects, manage existing clients and client interactions, monitor opportunities and the sales pipeline and manage quotations and client contracts.

Plus build and manage strong relationships with advertising agencies and direct clients. Define any type of relationship between records in the system, drill-down into those relationships and share information with sales and marketing teams.

Dynamics 365 Media and Communications Accelerator

The Media and Communications accelerator is intended to help successfully drive the progression of a customer from an anonymous or casual guest towards becoming a deeply engaged fan, regular attendee, subscribing member or active member of a frequent buyer or loyalty program.

The accelerator solution helps track that journey with the addition of the new ‘guest’ and ‘loyalty program’ entities, which can help convert to leads and then customers and contacts.  Once engaged, a 360 degree view of customers provides the insight required to sustain closed loop marketing activities and communicate with ‘audiences’ through automated segmentation, targeting and analysis.

This single preconfigured and holistic view provides Sports, Hospitality and Leisure organisations with a powerful platform from which they can maximise revenues and profits.  This is achieved by targeting customers more effectively based on their transactional history including ticketing, retail, food and beverage, loyalty and access control details.

The accelerator includes the following features:

  • Concepts for fan engagement, including 60-plus new entity definitions and relationships
  • Five unique model-driven applications with new forms and dashboards that support data entry and data management:
    • Event and venue management
    • Sports management
    • Ticket sales
    • Guest management
    • Display and advertising sales
  • A sample power portal app, enabling self-registration of media events. Attendees can browse all upcoming events and sign-up. This information is automatically captured and stored in your instance of the media-enhanced Common Data Model as a new guest and registration entities.
  • A solution that you can deploy and install from AppSource or GitHub.

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