Implementation Methodologies

It takes more than just software to build a successful business solution.

At QuantiQ we provide comprehensive project consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Our QuantiQ Delivery Methodology (QDM) builds on Microsoft’s own ‘SureStep’ approach to deliver tangible impact.

QuantiQ’s implementation methodologies are:


Waterfall is an established sequential implementation model that breaks a project down into distinct phases. Typically each phase should stop before the next commences. The theory is to ensure that the full requirements are understood prior to solution design and development.

The phases stage from analysis, to design, development to deployment, and finally operation (live support). This methodology is suited to very complex environments in which gated milestones are used to exit each phase of software development.

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Agile software development is a set of principles for  software development  under which requirements and solutions evolve through an intensive, collaborative effort of self-organising  cross-functional teams that deliver results in a set number of sprints. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

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Swift is QuantiQ’s own delivery methodology, high paced approach with pre-prepared templated questionnaires that fast-track requirements gathering and analysis phase.

This approach reduces the requirement for heavy documentation, but not as light as Agile test-scripts. The client is required to complete questionnaires in advance of rapid workshops. During these workshops, the QuantiQ consultants focus on the answers to the questions, in particular areas of confusion or where more clarity is sought. The responses are captured primarily in a shared notebook (OneNote).

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“When we were looking for a provider we wanted to find a company that had international capability, credibility and would work with us for the long term. QuantiQ lived up to their reputation.”

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QuantiQ makes technology change easy to accomplish

Stuart Fenton - CEO

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“We like to work with organisations, and they like to work with us for the same reason – that we embrace the journey that they are on. Taking new technology, great technology from Microsoft and other partners and bringing a platform that they can build for the future.”

Stuart Fenton - CEO