Intelligent manufacturing through connected operations

Manufacturers are faced with a myriad of challenges and are constantly striving to respond quickly to changing demands from suppliers, distributors, and customers. To stay abreast of their competition, manufacturers require flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations comprises a set of Enterprise Resource Planning tools that help manufacturers connect their operations in the most competitive and resource-efficient way. Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing enhances efficiency to effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of materials, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing:

  • Intelligent connected operations
  • Accelerate product introductions
  • Agile shop floor execution
  • Intelligent order fulfillment


Workspaces improve the efficiency and productivity of workers by allowing them to centrally manage the majority of their tasks and actions related to channel deployment and operations.

Demand forecasting (Microsoft Excel integration):

Now you can use Microsoft Excel to update your demand forecast, helping you to increase efficiency and productivity by accelerating the process of updating directly from a spreadsheet.

Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal:

Fast deployment of mobile ready applications across warehouse processes.

Production floor management workspace:

Production Supervisors can now check material availability on production orders in a separate page that is called from the production floor management workspace.

Demand forecasting (Azure Machine Learning integration):

Estimate future demand by using the power and extensibility of a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning cloud service.

Delivery alternatives page:

This new experience can help organisations that aspire to provide high customer service while committing to an inventory optimisation strategy could now promise orders reliably and competitively.

Master planning workspace:

The Master planning workspace offers at-a-glance information about when the last master planning run was completed, whether it had any errors, what the urgent planned orders are, and which planned orders cause delays.

Purchase order preparation workspace:

Use the Purchase order preparation workspace to gain quick insight into the status of purchase orders that are being prepared.

Additional warehouse support in manufacturing:

Use the handheld device to register empty kanban through scan of the kanban card and Register material consumption of un-reserved batches.

Cost accounting:

Cost accounting supports managerial reporting and analysis with a modern productivity touch through Workspace, Excel, and Power BI.

Vendor collaboration:

Inviting vendors to collaborate directly in Dynamics 365 for Operations improves the vendor’s visibility of purchase orders.

Warehouse enhancements for high volume distribution centres:

Additions to the packing station functionality include the ability to: Create work after packing; Create a release policy for packed containers; group containers.

Warehouse operation enhancements:

Support for container types in inbound processing. Reverse ship confirmation is enabled for all source documents. Support for receipt and put away of pallets containing mixed items.

Transform your operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Our expert Microsoft Dynamics consultants will work alongside your internal team to implement a solution that can help you automate your production process and entire supply chain, streamlining the organisation so you can deliver excellence to your customers. Please contact QuantiQ if you would like to future proof your business with Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing business solutions.

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