Seamless eCommerce and omni-channel excellence

The paradigm shift of digital transformation has forced retailers to build a resilient and seamless eCommerce platform that delivers consistent shopping experiences across various channels and devices. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a multichannel eCommerce solution that provides retailers with a unified interface to effectively manage the movement of product through the procurement, sales, reorder and replenishment cycle. Microsoft Dynamics for Retail provides the valuable intelligence retailers need to make better, more informed decisions and deliver excellent customer service through intelligent operations.

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics for Retail:

  • Delivering amazing customer experiences through intelligent operations
  • Global expansion with flexible deployments
  • Seamless eCommerce and Omni-channel excellence
  • Effective merchandise management
  • Intelligent operations


Retail modern POS:

Sales staff can process sales transactions, customer orders, and perform daily operations and inventory management with mobile devices anywhere in the store.


Workspaces improves the efficiency and productivity of workers by allowing them to centrally manage their majority of tasks and actions related to channel development and operations.

Self-service deployment:

With only two installation packages, one for MPOS client and other for hardware station component, self-service has reduced the amount of work required at ever level to install these client components.

Payment integration: 

Allows customer to process credit/debit card transactions for payments.

Cloud POS:

Web-app POS that’s functionality compatible with the MPOS and can be used across platforms and browsers with zero deployment cost.

Monitoring & diagnostics: 

Cloud based monitoring portal replaces the need to install SCOM infrastructure and automatically provisioned monitoring infrastructure for ready to use, out-of-the-box monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.

Commerce data exchange: 

Commerce data exchange that’s re-engineered for the cloud platform continues to manage transfer data between Microsoft Dynamics and retail channels, such as online stores or brick-and-mortar stores.

Deployment services: 

Significantly reduced deployment effort and complexity for Retail HQ components, Native deployment to Azure public cloud, and Improved self-service installation of in-store components to make configuration easier and more intuitive.

BI & reporting:

Enables customers to have more business intelligence to predict trends, uncover insights, and operate at continual peak performance.


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