Seamless eCommerce and omni-channel excellence

The paradigm shift of digital transformation has forced retailers to build a resilient and seamless eCommerce platform that delivers consistent shopping experiences across various channels and devices. Customer acquisition and retention are key factors for success in today’s economic environment. With increased competition and consumer brand indifference, many retailers recognise the need to implement customer loyalty programmes in order to help maintain and increase profits. Drive customer experience improvements that boost loyalty, profitability and competitive advantage with intelligent, flexible solutions that give you visibility and control over every aspect of your retail business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a multichannel eCommerce solution that provides retailers with a unified interface to effectively manage the movement of product through the procurement, sales, reorder and replenishment cycle. Microsoft Dynamics for Retail provides the valuable intelligence retailers need to make better, more informed decisions and deliver excellent customer service through intelligent operations.

Effectively manage complex multi channel interactions

Today’s retail environment provides an array of purchasing options for consumers. As a result, retailers are struggling to consolidate the various consumer footprints left across multiple buying channels, creating a lack of understanding about the customer. Without an effective customer management system, retailers lack the ability to access, analyse and share information collected by phone calls, emails, web visits, store visits, direct mail and social networking. This leaves many retailers unsure of who their customer really is, ultimately decreasing the effectiveness of their customer service, sales and marketing teams.

Deliver increased sales and customer loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail fuels customer centricity by building a foundation of improved information management and automating existing business processes. This foundation enables the collection and analysis of critical customer interactions made across multiple channels. With this timely, highly-relevant customer buying information you can make informed marketing and sales decisions that drive increased sales at a greater profit.

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