Implementation Methodologies

It takes more than just software to build a successful business solution.

QUANTIQ Delivery Methodology is the prescribed methodology for deploying Microsoft Dynamics. Based on Microsoft’s Sure Step, it provides product-specific and project-based templates, workflows, process maps and accelerators to assist implementation.

QUANTIQ’s implementation methodologies are:


Waterfall delivery methodology breaks a project down into 6 phases. The phases stage from diagnostic, analysis, design, development, deployment, and operation. Waterfall can follow a time and material route meaning cost and flextime, however functionality delivered is fixed.

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Agile is a rapid and flexible methodology that consists of robust planning, evolutionary development, prior delivery, and ongoing improvement. Agile breaks product development work called SPRINTS into small increments that reduce the amount of up-front planning and design.

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Swift is QUANTIQ’s very own PROJECT ACCELERATOR, affords our clients speed and early access to the Dynamics platform to create well thought out business processes.

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“When we were looking for a provider we wanted to find a company that had international capability, credibility and would work with us for the long term. QUANTIQ lived up to their reputation.”

- Weleda


QUANTIQ makes technology change easy to accomplish

Stuart Fenton - CEO

“We like to work with organisations, and they like to work with us for the same reason – that we embrace the journey that they are on. Taking new technology, great technology from Microsoft and other partners and bringing a platform that they can build for the future.”

Stuart Fenton - CEO