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Empowering Not For Profit enterprises with Dynamics 365

Not For Profit organisations are vital cornerstones of society. Providing diverse and vital public services in sectors like healthcare, education and charity, Not For Profit enterprises serve the public in a variety of ways.


VLOG | Celebrating Women in Tech! Come with us to CRN’s Women in Channel Awards…

It’s not so long ago that the Technology industry was not a space that invited or celebrated women. At QUANTIQ, we feel strongly about the value of a diverse team and how important it is to do more than “just include” women in your team.


Achieving Efficiency Targets with ERP for Transport Companies

In the transportation and logistics industry, timing is critical. Without dedicated freight services, the bulk import and export of goods and products worldwide would not be possible.


Benefits for Public Sector Organisations in Moving to Cloud-based ERP and CRM

Cloud-based software is transforming many industries across the world, and the public sector is no exception. The many advantages of newer technologies like cloud-based ERP and CRM are advantageous for public sector services like government, law enforcement, telecommunications, public transport, infrastructure and many more.


Manage Public Sector Business Processes with Expert Support in Dynamics 365

There are multiple advantages for public sector businesses to move towards cloud-based ERP as offered by Dynamics 365. Accelerating your organisation’s digital transformation is a vital step to ensure that your efficiency and communication is optimal, and that nothing is left to inefficient legacy ERP systems.


Introduce artificial intelligence into the workplace with Dynamics 365

Once a pipedream for software developers, artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a reality in many industries. The concept of computers able to perform complex tasks, employ speech recognition and take actions on behalf of your organisation is no longer a hypothetical one.


Building diverse teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is widely known that a diverse workforce is a staple of good business practice. Not only are diversity quotas a key feature of the modern workplace, they are a significant business stimulant.


IMPORTANT: Recent October 2019 Price Changes

The pricing model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications changed in October. The effect on clients will depend on their specific solution configuration but it could be material. To learn more and to find out how you can mitigate the effect of this pricing read on.


Take Dynamics to the next level with QUANTIQ’s Managed Services

Taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics Technologies is the single best decision modern organisations can make. The second-best decision? Supporting that technology with QUANTIQ’s managed services. 


Your ERP Project doesn’t have to be painful

Failed ERP Projects – you’ve heard it all before. Processes turned inside out; financial information stored in new ways; user-adoption, hard to perfect. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if your ERP project could be smooth, your ERP software the ideal match and the partner you’re working with open and collaborative?


Discover QUANTIQ

Find out how our products can be applied to help your business realise results.

QUANTIQ is headquartered in the City of London, formed of a collection of brilliant, knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Our Team work with Microsoft’s specially crafted Business Applications to transform our clients’ business processes. With a headcount of over 200 giving us a combined 1200 years of Dynamics experience, your organisation’s Digital Transformation couldn’t be in safer hands.
As well as being a Microsoft Gold Partner and esteemed Inner Circle member, we are the only Microsoft Partner in the UK that can sell, implement and support the full Dynamics stack in the Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud and On-Premise. We exist to help you enhance your business performance, maintain your competitive edge and drive your growth and profitability.
We work to your organisation’s specific needs, using Microsoft Dynamics Technologies to break down silos in your business and join people, data and processes – now and for the future. We take great pride in the relationships we foster, so choosing us as your Digital Transformation partner allows you to become more productive, more efficient and deliver value to your customers, with a Team you can trust.

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