4 ERP Features all Manufacturers must have

4 ERP Features all Manufacturers must have

Now that the baby-boomers are at retirement age, Manufacturing is facing its biggest challenge: a skills shortage. With an ageing workforce, Manufacturing must turn to face the future and embrace innovative technologies to pick up the slack. Adopting intelligent ERP software could help Manufacturers be more resilient in a changing, challenging industry.

There are 4 key ERP software features all manufacturers must have:

Materials Planning and Costing

The centre of any manufacturing business are its materials. With less people available and more technology, ERP software can help with product scheduling and forecasting. By embracing this technology, Manufacturers can gain complete material plans which determine the quantities and delivery schedules of required components, leaving their human resources to focus on the other tasks at hand.

Shop Floor Management

Visibility across processes is vital for Manufacturers who want to be at the top of their game. Whether facing a decline in skilled individuals or not, keeping clear visibility across shop-floor activity and the entire production process can be tricky. Providing a real-time database of shop floor activities, new work, work-in-progress and work completed, Shop Floor Control is a feature of ERP software manufacturers should be taking advantage of.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & the Internet of Things

EDI is the manner in which businesses communicate information electronically, rather than traditional – or somewhat outdated – paper methods of communication. In the digital dawn of a new age, the need to send paper letters regarding a need for machinery parts or reporting on consumer information is long gone. Phones, tablets and computers eradicated that long ago, saving organisations time and money.

What’s more, smart factories running on the IoT have machines which can monitor their own health, and even order parts for repair before anything fails. Manufacturers who utilise these ERP functionalities will be provided with data transmissions that exchange the important information, rather than needing to worry about mail, administration and man hours.

Quality Control

Once Manufacturers have an ERP software in place and have the full insight and visibility that is awarded with it, they can turn their attention to quality control. Manufacturers will be awarded the ability to monitor in real-time for any defects, returns or other product issues. With these insights, Manufacturers are better positioned to identify recurring problems and work on them to raise customer satisfaction, retention and overall business revenue.

For manufacturers, the shortage of skills is evident only in the decline in the number of people entering the industry. When considering the larger picture: it’s clear to see that tech is stepping up to lay the foundations for business success. Manufacturers needn’t lose out on skills or fall behind in an ever-evolving industry; the workforce may be ageing, but the technology is not. By embracing ERP software, Manufacturers can keep on top of all of their processes, obtain a completely connected smart factory with machines that self-serve and develop a better understanding of customers and their demands.

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