5 Ways to Ensure Intelligent Use of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

5 Ways to Ensure Intelligent Use of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud business management suite is renowned as one of the most powerful and comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions available on the market. But a second and equally important string to its bow is CRM – customer relationship management. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service takes the end-to-end connectivity and powerful analytics of the core Dynamics engine and applies it to the pursuit of optimum customer satisfaction.

Every customer interaction, across every channel, can be logged, collated and interpreted in real time to give full visibility of customer needs to every agent who comes in contact with them. Service level targets can be set, monitored and adjusted as required, and the automated analytics features can be harnessed to actively improve speed of resolution and overall satisfaction.

Here are 5 ways Dynamics 365 for Customer Service uses automation, AI and analytics to deliver a personalised, intelligence-led service your customers will love.

AI assists agents to achieve the best possible outcomes

Thanks to the shared knowledge base in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, every agent always has all relevant data about every customer at their fingertips. In addition, the AI capabilities within Dynamics 365 help agents achieve the best possible resolutions. Agent-facing bots will present contextual information as a query develops, and make recommendations based on past cases.

Every interaction creates actionable feedback

Great customer service happens when a business is able to learn equally from achievements and mistakes to set consistently higher standards for itself. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, this isn’t just a case of running occasional feedback surveys. Every interaction is processed and analysed in depth to contribute to performance reports, with actionable recommendations for improvement automatically included.

Agile resource allocation responds to fluctuating demand

Analysis of long-term trends allows Dynamics 365 to highlight peaks and troughs in demand for customer service so you can plan staffing levels accordingly. On a day-to-day basis, it can pick up differences in demand across different channels, so you can move agents from telephones to answering emails, or off social media and back onto the phones. And for in-play contact with customers, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service automatically picks up on cues so queries can be routed to the most appropriate team or agent as quickly as possible.

Virtual agents create quality self-service options

Picking up the phone and asking for assistance does not appeal to everyone, especially if they associate calling a contact centre with long queues and impersonal service. Self-service options online are an increasingly popular alternative, but need to be robust enough to achieve satisfactory resolutions. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows businesses to create their own virtual agents to offer assistance with online resources such as user guides or FAQs, by suggesting the most relevant materials for a particular query and so on.

Resolve issues before they occur

The holy grail of good customer service is the ability to anticipate issues before they occur, or at least before the customer spots them, and resolve them accordingly. In certain scenarios, such as service operations involving IoT connected devices or IT systems, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can do just this, recognising potential issues through predictive analysis and triggering a service response to resolve them.

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