Benefits for Public Sector Organisations in Moving to Cloud-based ERP and CRM

Benefits for Public Sector Organisations in Moving to Cloud-based ERP and CRM

Cloud-based software is transforming many industries across the world, and the public sector is no exception. The many advantages of newer technologies like cloud-based ERP and CRM are advantageous for public sector services like government, law enforcement, telecommunications, public transport, infrastructure and many more. The combination of everyday office tools and the security of data make Dynamics 365 the obvious choice for maximising resources within public sector organisations. In this article, learn how you can seamlessly integrate data, improve individual engagement and digitally transform your organisation by moving to cloud-based ERP and CRM with Dynamics 365 from QUANTIQ, leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

When it comes to the public sector, priorities must include increasing productivity and customer service, whilst maximising available resources. On-premise ERP systems - whilst initially fundamental - are often no longer being enhanced or maintained in public sector organisations. The corporate movement towards cloud-based ERP and CRM systems, however, has been swift, thanks to their system agility and user flexibility.

Priorities for public sector organisations

Public sector organisations require an even greater degree of flexibility. Encompassing multiple different industries within the public sector means an increased need for a system which offers overviews but can also be tailored to reflect individuals and isolated data.

For CRM systems, it’s imperative to keep track of client interactions and needs, while ERP systems used in public sector organisations takes care of the resource planning necessary to implement this. They must both also allow for endless variation and individual case handling. This kind of system must reflect nuances between each case / file / data, while still using a structural template that can be repeated for unified data presentation.

A further priority is adaptability of communication and maintenance of customer relations. Today’s population demands accessibility and flexibility as a standard, to incorporate with busy schedules and international lifestyles. For public sector organisations, this translates into a clear requirement to be able to communicate with citizens and present both multi-channel and multilingual options. The system of communication must additionally remain regular and clear, to keep citizens updated, but without encroaching on their daily lives.

What are the benefits for public sector organisations in moving to cloud-based ERP and CRM?

With Dynamics 365, a true digital transformation will empower employees and public sector organisations to interact effectively and meaningfully with citizens, able to store sensitive information securely, where it is contained within a unified system and can be reached by all users.

Streamlined data integration and presentation

In public sector organisations, it is common to find that previous methods of storing and organising information consist of numerous disparate spreadsheets and documents. It is crucial for modern public sector organisations to collate information for immediate and efficient access. With Dynamics 365, it is possible to use data in an intelligent way and present it coherently within a unified system.

Dynamics 365 integrates perfectly with existing platforms for the seamless transfer of data, eliminating the need to transfer data manually between programs. Dynamics 365 works in harmony with Office 365, Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Skype and Power BI, meaning it can slot neatly into your existing system.

Customer handling

One of the primary aims of public sector CRM is the goal of streamlining and improving client engagement. As stated, synchronisation of databases and reports reduces the need to manually combine separate data entry points. A further benefit for public sector organisations of moving to cloud-based CRM is that interactions can be logged, controlled and maintained through the organisation from the individual’s first contact through to the resolution of the issue. Make the change to cloud-based CRM from Dynamics 365, a powerful integrated solution for public sector organisations.

Disaster recovery:

Storage of sensitive personal data is the utmost priority for organisations within the public sector. The unintentional release of data can be catastrophic for such organisations, representing a failure of security on the highest level. The security and privacy offered by Dynamics 365 is second-to-none. Critical data is kept securely within the system, ensuring protection from information leaks.

In the unfortunate event of losing data or information, your cloud-based CRM and ERP software from Dynamics 365 is able to provide a secure backup. Network load balancing evenly channels traffic through multiple servers. A particular benefit is the security of SQL mirroring. Within SQL mirroring, a copy of your database is held on an alternative server, ensuring that your up-to-the-minute data is able to be brought online in the event of a disaster. Thanks to the strongest and most reliable recovery features, your organisation is protected from permanent data loss.

There are multiple benefits for public sector organisations of switching to cloud-based CRM and ERP systems. With Dynamics 365 from QUANTIQ, ensure that your organisation is streamlined, protected and secure. To speak to a member of our expert team, contact QUANTIQ today.