Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Boost Enterprise Sustainability?

Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Boost Enterprise Sustainability?

In recent times climate change and the impact it could have on the way we live and work has started to dominate public discourse and debate within global legislatures. For those organisations looking to get ahead of the legislative curve and enhance their sustainability whilst also accelerating their agility and stakeholder ROI, the good news is there is already a way to achieve both, simultaneously!

That’s right …by adopting modern cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 you not only optimise your corporate agility (allowing you to respond quickly to changes during this period of significant uncertainty) but you also positively impact stakeholder value by creating seamlessly connected modern workflows across the organisation. All while making your organisation eco-friendly.

So, how can Microsoft Dynamics 365 make your organisation more sustainable?

Free up space and save power

Server rooms have been a necessary evil during the dominance of the client server technology era. But with modern, cloud-enabled technology that’s changing. Server rooms cost organisations unnecessary rent, taking up space which could be better used for other functions and they require a large, consistent out-pouring of power due to their constant need to remain cool. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a cloud-based application for every critical business workflow and management function, no matter the industry or function of your organisation.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We now know that our legacy, email-centric workflows have a massive carbon footprint, bigger than any other form of digital communication! Although we can’t abandon email completely just yet, building your infrastructure on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can certainly minimise it and boost sustainability across your organisation.

Create less waste and say goodbye to ‘old style’ clunky document sharing

Implementing modern enterprise technology can absolutely boost sustainability for organisations, even in the simplest of ways. For example, it helps reduce the need to print information to share documents between teams or departments. Less printing = less resource requirements and less waste. By switching to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, documents and information can easily and instantly be shared across your organisation so that users with the appropriate permissions can access what they need from any device; collaborate; co edit in real time from where ever they are on and on whatever device, with full version control and tracking.

Take advantage of the eco-friendly benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sustainable organisations are built for success. We believe that starts with the beating heart of the enterprise: the technology. The technology your organisation is built on defines your critical business workflows. It stores your documents, contracts, and critical data. It powers the way you engage with customers, suppliers and teammates. And it drives the way you collaborate and communicate, ensuring your enterprise is running modern seamless workflows that optimise agility, the user experience and maximise stakeholder value and ROI. These are an imperative for future success but by doing this with Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology you can now achieve your organisational commercial goals whilst also minimising your environmental impact. Win-Win!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications are the modern ERP, CRM and Human Capital Management systems. With flexibility “Built In” you only need to invest in the applications which your organisation needs – another sustainable bonus.

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