Connect Sales, Connect Marketing, Connect Customers with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Executing excellent marketing campaigns means understanding your market. In today’s market, organisations who don’t ‘get’ their customers will lose them to those who do.

Fashion merchandise, car parts, IT consultations or legal advice – no matter what your organisation sells, your sales and marketing efforts bridge the gap between:

  • who your customers are and what they want


  • who you are and what you do.

Executing excellent marketing campaigns means understanding your market. In today’s market, organisations who don’t ‘get’ their customers will lose them to those who do.

It’s time to get connected.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution is a new antidote to failing marketing campaigns. By moving away from segmented, departmental solutions the customer experience can become one unbroken journey, bringing your organisation out on top.

The gap between Sales and Marketing

If Sales and Marketing aren’t working seamlessly sales will fall, marketing campaigns won’t land well, customers will move elsewhere, and your organisation will suffer.

At first glance, Sales and Marketing have similar functions. Yet often, these teams can feel worlds apart. Sometimes it’s a simple lack of appreciation of the others’ roles, but mostly the issue is one of communication and integration. To help you publish more effective marketing campaigns, Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution are working in partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing.

Connect Sales and Marketing

Your customers’ journeys could be connected across every touchpoint with completely unified data. When the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution is integrated with Dynamics 365 and Power BI, your sales and marketing teams can better understand your customers’ profiles and spending habits – delivering them the experiences they really want.

Connect with your Customers

Customers today bring with them the expectation that you know who they are, how they’ve interacted with you previously, and what they want. They expect you to have an understanding of their likes and dislikes, and to meet them seamlessly. It’s idealistic, but not impossible. By embracing this Microsoft partnership with the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution, you can give your marketers access to vital sales data to build campaigns with the customer in mind. Customers whose experiences are unified are understood satisfied and loyal. Win-win.

What’s more: when you unlock the fundamental data between sales and marketing, you unlock potential. The Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution doesn’t just give your customers what they want, it can give you what you want too. Once you’ve launched your marketing campaigns, this solution can measure the impact of your cross-channel campaigns. And with actionable reporting, you can observe the direct contribution the Marketing efforts make to your pipeline.

Connect Adobe and Microsoft

Formed of two of the most industry-leading experts, the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution / Microsoft Dynamics 365 partnership combines expertise and experience. Connecting Sales with marketing and Marketing with customers and customers, this is a partnership to help you succeed.

Connect with QUANTIQ

At QUANTIQ, we are proud to be a knowledgeable, industry-leading Microsoft Gold Partner. If you’d like to learn more about how the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution with Dynamics 365 can help you connect with your customers, we would be happy to chat with you. Contact us today to explore how you can become a more connected company.


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