Corporate Rewards

Corporate Rewards

QUANTIQ delivers a Swift Dynamics CRM solution

Sales incentive organisation readies itself for growth with Customer Relationship Management solution delivered within 4 weeks

“Working with QUANTIQ has meant we’re in a position to get payback on our investment much quicker than we thought possible.”

David Gould, CEO, Corporate Rewards

Sales incentive organisation, Corporate Rewards’, existing CRM system for tracking, managing, and supporting their prospects, leads, opportunities and projects was not delivering the reliability and functionality required.  They needed a better solution so they turned to QUANTIQ to help them implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Corporate Rewards now has a central point from which to manage sales, marketing, and current projects, and is well placed to support and meet its growth ambitions.

Growing pains

A solution that only a short time ago had met the needs of a small team, was becoming a major headache now that the business had grown to 50+ team members strong.  This rate of growth demanded something be done.

“A sub-standard CRM application, with spreadsheets being used to make up for it’s deficiencies, meant that we had to look for alternatives. We had the people, the services, the business potential, but we were lacking the systems that would give us the freedom needed to grow. We decided to review the options available in the market and chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s a solution that doesn’t just meet our current needs but can scale with the business.” says David Gould, CEO, Corporate Rewards.

Forward thinking

Knowing that the timing was right, Corporate Rewards engaged QUANTIQ to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. A solution they knew would solve their growing pains by connecting existing data silos and delivering one single view of the business; surfacing information via dashboards and reports.

Corporate Rewards had shortlisted a number of solutions and providers including Infusion Soft and Gould says: “It came down to SFDC and Dynamics CRM, but SFDC fell short as I found their approach less personal and their solution didn’t leverage any other Microsoft technology.” It was QUANTIQ’s approach that proved the decisive deal clincher. Gould says of QUANTIQ’s approach: “The team at QUANTIQ were very quick to develop a relationship and rapport with our team that put us at ease immediately, meaning we had total faith in their ability to deliver the CRM solution we needed.”

QUANTIQ’s rapid implementation process saw the solution delivered well ahead of anticipated delivery, and crucially, budget. Gould says: “Through a cohesive business deployment, we went live in just 4 weeks. The team at QUANTIQ certainly exceeded my expectations.”

Dynamics CRM’s integration with Outlook means Corporate Rewards customer facing staff can use CRM straight from email, rather than a separate system. They can use the same calendar and sync their contacts.

Preparing for change

Corporate Rewards now has an easy to use CRM system that supports the needs of a fast growing services business.

One of the critical hurdles QUANTIQ looked to focus on early in the engagement was adoption. Part of the change management process was to run old processes alongside the new solution ensuring the adoption curve was smoother. Gould says: “QUANTIQ’s approach to supporting adoption meant there was less resistance to change. I was anticipating a flood of complaints, but in reality what I saw was a willingness to accept the CRM.”

As a result of the new solution Corporate Rewards have experienced a marked increase in productivity. Gould says: “We’re a people business. Being able to free up my teams time from mundane manual field filling means they can spend more time doing what they do best, delighting our clients.”

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