Dynamics 365 CRM Applications

Dynamics 365 CRM Applications

Thanks to Dynamics 365, organisations across all sectors have moved into the future. No longer are organisations being held back by outdated and bulky legacy ERP systems, which are costly and ineffective. Instead, businesses which have transposed their data and processes onto the platform of Dynamics 365 have been able to adopt agile ways of working, cutting costs and automating practices.

Thanks to its wide range of CRM applications, Dynamics 365 is ideal for use across a range of industries. These industries are as wide-ranging as the platform itself, from Manufacturing, to Retail, to Media, to Not for Profit and Public Sector work: in other words, Dynamics 365 is suitable for all sectors.

The CRM applications of Dynamics 365 are equally diverse. With applications designed to refine and address common issues within Marketing, Sales, Field Service and Project Service Automation, the platform is a perfect end-to-end solution which unifies and streamlines almost any process. Find out which of the Dynamics 365 CRM applications is most suitable for your industry and purposes with this guide from QUANTIQ.

What applications are suitable for use with Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 for Sales

One of the most significant functionalities of Dynamics 365 in terms of CRM applications is its dedicated Sales platform. The Dynamics 365 for Sales platform allows the automation of sales processes, previously undertaken by personnel at the cost of time and expense. This automation not only streamlines and speeds up processes but is a proven boost to productivity as it frees up employee time. In addition, the data is analysed and tracked in order to provide significant insights into sales processes and streamline sales cycles.

Tracking sales patterns allows team members to effectively identify and capitalise upon sales opportunities, in addition to gaining a greater understanding of their existing customers. Predicting customer needs and analysing the effectiveness of engagement strategies improves sales and customer service simultaneously. The personalisation of sales documents and communications allows for clear and concise communication, without losing the essential personal touch necessary for effective communication.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The connections facilitated by Dynamics 365 for Sales are built upon in this dedicated Marketing platform. Personalisation, lead recognition and tracking are all functionalities facilitated by Dynamics 365 for Marketing. With tools like Microsoft for Social Engagement, you can maximise social media presence through social-specific functionalities, finding new leads and communicating with prospects and existing customers. Track customers’ progress throughout the sales funnel, with the marketing automation software track of Dynamics 365. In addition, the embedded intelligence and Dynamics segmentation can validate or identify weaknesses in your existing marketing strategy, allowing you to track campaign performance and measure changes with easily-configurable dashboards.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customer service has a series of dedicated applications within Dynamics 365. Dynamics is able to personalise, clarify and streamline all communications between the team in your organisation and customers themselves. For instance, leveraging artificial intelligence through virtual agents automates time-consuming processes, leaving team members free to address pressing or complex problems. With a simple rerouting process, customers will not be left waiting for attentive service.

In addition, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows you to prevent disruptions by allowing you to analyse data from connected devices and identify any early warning signs. The 360-degree view of a customer journey offered by Dynamics 365 for Customer Service permits customer service team members to anticipate the problems or needs of any given individual.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Dynamics 365’s Field Service applications means that it is it suitable for automating a variety of processes related to field service. For instance, the Field Service applications allow for the automatic scheduling of a resource with the right skillset and diary availability, as well as the management of resource assignments across multiple work orders using an interactive, drag-and-drop schedule board.

In addition, the Field Service application permits the synchronisation of inventory management across all boards, offering real-time visibility and intelligent forecasting to teams involved. This both minimises overhead costs and increases first-time fix rates.

The variety and diversity of these Dynamics 365 CRM application ensures that Dynamics 365 is the ideal platform across any sector, with an enormous range of valuable uses. To explore how Dynamics 365 can streamline your business practices, reduce cost and maximise profits, contact QUANTIQ today.