Empowering Not For Profit enterprises with Dynamics 365

Empowering Not For Profit enterprises with Dynamics 365

Not For Profit organisations are vital cornerstones of society. Providing diverse and vital public services in sectors like healthcare, education and charity, Not For Profit enterprises serve the public in a variety of ways. The smooth running of these services is imperative to ensure they can continue to provide public services efficiently. Dynamics 365 offers Not For Profit organisations a way to transform and streamline their existing processes, increasing efficiency and empowers them to do less admin, and more of the work they set out to do.

Modern technology like Dynamics 365 empowers Not For Profit organisations by allowing them to maximise their resources and keeping data and communication clear and accessible. There are many features of Dynamics 365 which offer your Not For Profit organisation the ability to streamline capabilities and encourage communication with 360 degree visibility.

How can Dynamics 365 empower Not For Profit organisations?

Dynamics 365 can help Not For Profit workers to connect with donors and volunteers through its customisable CRM capabilities. One of the key benefits of this technology when used in Not For Profit organisations is the 360 degree view of your donors, volunteers and supporters. Having a full view of all the ways a donor has supported your organisation can be used to inform your future communication, allowing you to develop your supporter relationships to be stronger, more personalised and more beneficial for your organisation.

Enable personalised communications by easily accessing contextual information, ensuring a strong connection to your organisation’s stakeholders and their continued loyalty. Track and analyse donor patterns with PowerBI to target active donors effectively, and use the CRM capabilities to assess when and how donors are likely to donate in the future.

In addition, Dynamics 365 empowers employees by seamlessly integrating into existing Microsoft applications, like Outlook and Excel. Transferring your data across applications facilitates the effortless categorisation of information, which is vital for a Not For Profit to succeed.

Optimising operations is another area in which Dynamics 365 can empower Not For Profit enterprises. By using specialised capabilities for Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Resources, you can streamline operations from the field to the office. Similarly, Dynamics 365 can support with volunteer management with scheduling and operational functionality to optimise and organise volunteer resources. Pair this with Dynamics 365’s 306-degree view of your volunteers and you can view individual hours spent volunteering, training and skillsets to better optimise your scheduling and encourage ongoing participation.

In addition, Dynamics can assist Not For Profit organisations with the management of GDPR and continued necessity of compliance with data protection laws. Continuing contact with previous donors or volunteers requires this compliance, ensuring that each individual remains in control of their data and contact preferences. Users can customise Dynamics 365 to create custom segments of contacts for individual campaigns. This ensures that contact is limited to clients with an interest in being contacted.

Income processing is a further element of Dynamics 365 that can be used to empower Not For Profit enterprises. Accurate financial reporting is a vital component of assessing campaign and fundraising efficacy. Not For Profit organisations additionally need to be able to track donors and corporate sponsors, as well as the pattern and nature of their donations. With Dynamics 365, these enterprises can categorise revenue automatically into appeals, events or campaigns and process by donor. This revenue management can then be presented on a PowerBI dashboard for intuitive user interaction, further streamlining the collaborative process and making data reporting both faster and smoother.

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