Ensuring Privacy and Compliance for Not for Profits with Dynamics 365

Ensuring Privacy and Compliance for Not for Profits with Dynamics 365

Here at QUANTIQ, leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, your security is our priority. More accurately, the security and safety of the data and processes you choose to store with us is, and will always be, of the utmost importance. In particular, security vital within Not for Profits, who are often dealing with highly sensitive information around their donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Dynamics 365 has been created with data security priorities in mind. With numerous benefits on offer for Not for Profits, Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive end-to-end program, ideally suited to maximise the value of the work Not for Profit organisations are doing. It is essential to secure all information involved in this process, as well as ensuring compliance with the relevant data protection laws.

How can Dynamics 365 ensure Privacy and Compliance for Not for Profits?

Dynamics 365 is able to ensure privacy and compliance for all Not for Profit organisations. This is made possible through Microsoft’s use of the cloud in constructing your privacy boundaries, ensuring your organisation has full control over who can access your data, and how it is shared. Dynamics 365’s approach to data security is such that as much of the process as possible is automated, saving you valuable man-hours and reducing your risk of human error.

Microsoft’s creation of the Online Services Security and Compliance (OSSC) team helps to ensure that within Dynamics 365, all cloud services have the highest levels of security, as well as remaining compliant with both legal requirements and client privacy requirements.

Our approach to keeping your clients’ data private

Within the cloud itself, Not for Profit organisations retain complete control over their own customer data. Whether that’s donor data, volunteer data or data regarding the work and members themselves, Not for Profits can rest in the knowledge that data stored within the cloud will be kept secure. In addition, Dynamics 365 offers users the ability to customise the platform to control how data is transferred within the organisation, choosing to display custom privacy notices, or stipulating the need to request and obtain consent for processing certain data.

In addition, Not for Profits are able to monitor, measure and address their own compliance, thanks to various functionalities which are involved in Dynamics 365.

For instance, using the Compliance Manager tool, users are able to perform their own ongoing risk assessments, be provided with actionable insights, and therefore gain a greater awareness of their compliance processes. In addition, not for profits can take control of their security settings and compliance controls, with the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Centre.

Using Dynamics 365’s compliance solution features, your organisation is empowered to track and ensure your data activities, ensuring all necessary security measures are being taken with your vital data and processes.

Dynamics 365 is the ideal platform for Not for Profits to run their donor and volunteer relationship managements from in complete safety and compliance.

To explore how Dynamics can help your Not for Profit organisation ensure privacy and compliance with the data regulations that are relevant to you, simply get in touch with us at QUANTIQ, and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.