How Business Central is Helping Businesses Succeed in the Marketplace

How Business Central is Helping Businesses Succeed in the Marketplace

When the newest iPhone gets released there’s a lot of murmuring, discussions on how this will be the Phone which changes the game and whispers about how much the functionality will have really improved from the last model. When Apple launched their iPhone X, abandoning their old naming conventions, it’s all online tech-fanatics could talk about. In the world of Microsoft Business Applications, Business Central is a bit like the latest iPhone. It’s got a new name, new character, and new functionality. But we also know, much like the newest iPhones on the market, that if you cut through all the gossip it’s actually just a good thing made betterBusiness Central brings the full power of NAV to the cloud, making it an all-in-one business management solution.

What is Business Central?

Ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies growing out of basic finance packages, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a solution that will grow with your business, at your pace. Providing a straightforward upgrade from entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems: this solution is a beginner’s digital transformation. With connected data and business analytics, you can have module functionality within the single solution to gain a complete view of your business. Quite frankly, there’s not much this new solution can’t do as an ERP system.

Why is Business Central so successful in the Marketplace?

Firstly, this system offers advanced functionality, out-of-the-box. Meaning that even in its simplest form, Business Central is more sophisticated than your bog-standard ERP. It’s flexible so can be easily configured to fit unique business segments and it’s scalable, so there’s no worry you’ll outgrow the investment. As a member of the Dynamics 365 stack, it integrates completely with the entire remit of Microsoft Business Applications meaning your full business can run seamlessly. This new product is doing so well because it’s modern, versatile and simple-to-use.

Microsoft are making a high-level investment into this product, promising to continue to bring new functionality and support to the system and its users.

What are the benefits of a Business Central upgrade?

Moving to Business Central is not a one-time upgrade, with Microsoft’s commitment to a modern business model, Business Central users have access to incremental and bi-yearly feature updates. These updates are easy to install and bring tangible benefits.  By choosing this intelligent platform, hosted within the Microsoft Cloud, you are choosing to future-proof your business, providing resilience and reducing internal IT costs. Even better, because Business Central is developed with AI tools and insights, businesses can maintain a competitive advantage within their space.

While already competitively priced, for current Microsoft Business Application clients, perhaps the biggest incentive to upgrade to Business Central are the highly discounted prices available to those upgrading from NAVGP and Dynamics 365 AX (Business Edition).

Although Business Central is Microsoft’s newest Dynamics 365 launch, it’s not an entirely “all-new” product. It’s NAV, but better. It’s the future of Microsoft’s ERP offerings, and much like the iPhones, it will only improve from here.