How to Choose the Best CRM for your Organisation

How to Choose the Best CRM for your Organisation

The right CRM solution has the ability to transform your organisation, creating opportunities for significant operational efficiencies and improvements to customer experience.   The benefits of having up-to-date information, stored centrally, that you can access and use to grow your organisation, are clear.  However, to realise the full benefits of a CRM it’s important to choose the right solution, but with so many software choices available it can be hard to know which one which suit you best.

As CRM specialists with over 20 years experience and a track record of hundreds of successful implementations, we are well placed to help you decide.

Broadly speaking, your decision should focus on the goals you set at the outset.  Being clear about what you want to achieve with your investment in CRM is critical.  Not only should you clarify your goals, you should also prioritise them.  Being clear on what’s most important to you will pay dividends when trying to compare different software solutions and integration partners.

In addition, the decision about which CRM solution is right for you will hinge on the functionality available; the ability to integrate with legacy systems and how appealing you find the user interface.

Functionality considerations

What do you need your CRM solution to be able to do?  This will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation, and its future growth plans.  Pay careful attention to what information your organisation needs and what your teams need to do with the information your CRM gathers.  This will enable you to create a robust functionality specification which will help you assess different CRM solutions for the best fit.

Integration capability

Your organisation is likely to have legacy systems in place.  If these are serving you well or are not being replaced, it will be important to integrate them with your new CRM solution.  The right CRM solution will need dove-tail with the legacy systems you wish to maintain, and some solutions do this more readily than others.  The right CRM solution will partly depend on the complexity of your integration requirements.

User-friendly interface

Your CRM solution will only be as good as the information which it holds which means your people need to be able to update it easily and draw down the right information in the right format at the required time.  Every organisation is different, so a “one-size-fits-all” user experience rarely works.  You will need a CRM solution which you can adapt to the needs of your specific organisation, so that you can gain maximum benefit from your investment.


Is Dynamics 365 the right choice for you?

The beauty of Dynamics 365 is that it can grow with your organisation.  It’s such a hugely capable technology, you can introduce new features as and when you require them.  From this point of view alone, Dynamics 365 is a great solution for a growing organisation.  Not only will you be able to scale the solution but you will also avoid unnecessary upheaval in the future when you need more capability.  You will simply be able to bolt-on.  And if you adopt Dynamics 365 and grow, your teams will be familiar with Dynamics 365 so no re-training will be necessary. It will only be necessary to smooth out business processes, rather than experiencing the lower efficiency which is so common when people are getting used to working with a new IT system.


What to do next

If you are at the start of your journey to choose the best CRM solution for your organisation, please get in touch.  We have an excellent track record in helping clients to understand their complete requirements so that they can make an informed decision about their CRM solution and utilise the technology which will serve them best for the long-term.