How to Transform Your Organisation With Dynamics 365 Human Resources

How to Transform Your Organisation With Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Every employer knows that their organisation is only as good as the people they have working for them. Similarly, no HR professional needs to be reminded of the hard work that goes into finding, employing and retaining people with the skills and aptitude to really carry an organisation forward.

The truth is, identifying and hiring the kind of talent that can make a transformational difference to how you operate has never been an exact science – until now, that is. Harnessing the cutting edge intelligence capabilities of Microsoft’s leading business management platform, Dynamics 365 Human Resources maximises the value of your HR activities and puts people at the heart of your organisation.

Integrating the core strands of human capital management (HCM) in one cohesive, accessible platform, Dynamics 365 Human Resources is one of the few truly end-to-end digital HR solutions available on the market. Built on cloud technology, it is supremely flexible, scalable and accessible, helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to drive efficiency and control costs in their talent management processes.


What can Dynamics 365 Human Resources do?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is about more than day-to-day HR administration and more than attracting the best people to your organisation. It is about optimising and integrating people and talent management to unlock potential and maximise impact.

By streamlining the core strands that contribute to recruitment and HR, Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows employers to take a more strategic view of how to make the best of the people at their disposal. It does this by integrating data to deliver clear, actionable insights and by automating routine administration to free up time to focus on strategy.

Keeping hold of good employees is much more cost effective than having to recruit on a regular basis. And what makes great employees even better, is additional training and appropriate promotions. Once you have identified and attracted the best talent, it is critical to be able to retain them and provide them with the development they need.

The application functions in ten core areas, all of which complement one another to deliver results greater than the combined sum of their parts.


Onboard, Transition and Offboarding

Every employer wants to get new recruits up to speed and performing at their best as quickly as possible.

After the cost of finding and hiring people, the initial onboarding phase of low productivity and high training input, adds considerably to the overall cost of recruitment. Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers fully customisable checklists which can be used to share priorities with new recruits and make achievement a collaborative process. Training and information resources are similarly made available in convenient online locations –organisations can hone onboarding best practices by saving and updating programmes from one candidate to the next.

Using the same solution simplifies the transition of different types of people across, or out of your organisation.  This ensures task transparency, automation and uniformity of the day to day communications which take place in your organisation.


Performance and Development

The solution enables intelligence-led performance management and CPD, with a range of tools for setting and monitoring targets. However, rather than reducing appraisals to a tick-list administrative exercise, Dynamics 365 Human Resources focuses on collaboration and personal development.  With an emphasis on ongoing feedback and real-time visibility on performance metrics for both employees and managers.   Match people to jobs based on their skill profiles, to enable solutions for succession planning and career pathways.


Leave and Absence

With the ability to manage different types of absence the solution has a flexible solution to leave and absence management providing different structures for accruing and categorising leave and absence.  The powerful workflow engine enables you to channel different types of leave to different people and automates the leave rollover process. Extend your user journey with a calendar app to provide sight of all your colleagues, or perhaps use Flow to automate the setup of leave appointments in your favourite calendar tool.



Whether you have spot salaries, pay grades, bands or a mixture of all these, Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides versatility to manage your compensation across multiple currencies.  By enabling recommendations, you can empower managers to provide advice on team member’s salary increases, or you can drive increases out centrally.  Manage different types of stock and cash awards, enable benchmarking with pay surveys and power forward with analytics that provide an overview of your entire organisation including your gender pay gap.



Key to many payroll integrations, Dynamics 365 Human Resources can manage multiple benefit plans and the cost to the employee and employer.  Whether you’ve sophisticated needs to manage eligibility and restrict enrolment to certain types people, or just want to maintain a simple record of an employee’s benefits, benefit management can provide the specific levels of control you need.



If you run lots of internal courses keeping on top of the administration of these can be a big overhead. Dynamics 365 Human Resources delivers engaging dashboards to give you insight on wait list time, ratios of course to instructors and registration analysis.   The setup of courses; their capacity; location; skills and costs are packaged ready for employees to browse through availability and register through self-service with optional workflows for multiple registration scenarios.


Self service

Rapidly improve engagement and adoption of your solution by enabling managers and employees through self-service.  Reveal more of self-service in line with your change and goals, whether it be as simple as removing paperwork and putting people in charge of their own data, embracing a single point of capture or putting managers in control of changes to their line reports.  Self-service will transform your business by bringing your users an experience that extends into personal development, task management, skill gap analysis and notifications for key events and expirations, in as many as 23 languages.



Locally and globally diverse workforces require flexible solutions that support the storage of secure information.  Safely store all your electron information in the Cloud or using Share Point with certainty that it will be protected by Microsoft.  Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables you to store a full personal and employment history; loaned equipment; certificates; tests; education and screenings.  Hold one single version of your information and take advantage of up to date organisation charts and a company directory that comes as part of the solution.



Safety critical environments often require solutions to manage injury and risk.  Record all your injury and illness information in one place and extend the management of this information with case management for HR; health; safety and occupational health.  Reducing the need for silos across your business.

Do you have organisational footprint in the USA?  Dynamics 365 Human Resources also provides optional functionality for ADA, I-9, FMLA, OSHA, EEO-1 and VETS-4212.


Insight and analytics

Overcome those reporting challenges, by providing an integrated end-to-end solution with clear intelligence-led insights at every point of an employment lifecycle. This application supports a strategic approach that helps organisations maximise impact using out of the box functionality while minimising cost and churn.

Choose Dynamics 365 Human Resources as your foundation HR Solution and enable your growth by extending into standard functionality or with your own apps, artificial intelligence, automation and reporting as your future evolves.

As part of the Microsoft Inner Circle for Dynamics 365, QUANTIQ has the expertise to help your organisation transform with the power of the cloud. To find out more about how Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you get the most out of your people, contact us today. We can even get you up and running with Dynamics 365 Human Resources in as little as ten days.