Introduce artificial intelligence into the workplace with Dynamics 365

Introduce artificial intelligence into the workplace with Dynamics 365

Once a pipedream for software developers, artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a reality in many industries. The concept of computers able to perform complex tasks, employ speech recognition and take actions on behalf of your organisation is no longer a hypothetical one. Instead, artificial intelligence can be introduced into the workplace as a significant resource to boost the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. 

The evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has manifested the possibilities and potential of AI across the Dynamics stack. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite offered by QUANTIQ, leading Microsoft Partner, AI can be used to streamline methods and management like never before.

Dynamics 365 is pervasive across the application stack- whether in sales, where it can provide insight to account managers as to the best opportunities to work for, in customer service to predict the right knowledge-based article to provide a case, or even to automate a virtual agent for your website, configured in the main application without requiring any code.

Developed to facilitate the introduction of artificial intelligence into the workplace, the AI components of Dynamics 365 can perform a wide range of analytical, quantitative and practical tasks.

How can artificial intelligence help your organisation through Dynamics 365?

The integrated AI of Dynamics 365 is fully equipped to assist with a vast range of tasks. These can be split into three main categories: cognitive, machine learning and the Azure Bot service, detailed below.


The cognitive AI features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 include the capacities to assist with translation, visual perception, speech recognition, and translation. Whilst these features typically require many hours of software building, Dynamics 365 presents a fully pre-built AI ready to perform these complex tasks in the workplace.

Machine Learning

The machine learning aspects of AI control advanced decision-making. Machine learning uses previously collated data to determine the next stage – or analyses the past to predict the future. If used correctly, this ability can benefit every department in your organisation, from equipment monitoring to forecasting. Machine learning is additionally responsible for fraud and image detection as well as anomaly detection, allowing you to make the most of introducing AI into your organisation. 

Azure Bot

Another advantage of Dynamics 365 is the Azure Bot capabilities. The Azure Bot functionality allows your organisation, with the help of your Microsoft Partner, to create bots that work alongside multiple apps, including Cortana, Office 365, Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. Use the Azure Bot service to create your personalised virtual agent – a chat-bot based feature that you can use to handle client-facing duties like interactions and queries. Resolve complex issues without expending human energy, whilst maintaining a competitive edge on customer relations.

Easily take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence with Dynamics 365

The intelligent solution to inevitable human error, Dynamics 365 provides AI software that will revolutionise your organisation. Make strides into the future with an accurate digital workforce –  contact QUANTIQ today  for your consultation and find out how Dynamics 365 could help you.