Leveraging the Power of Dynamics 365 for Marketing – In Preview

Without effective marketing, you never have any leads to convert into sales. Without good customer service, you don’t gain the advantages of brand loyalty and repeat business.

Most people in business understand that sales, service and marketing are all different paths up the same mountain. They all also mutually complement and depend on one another.

Without effective marketing, you never have any leads to convert into sales. Without good customer service, you don’t gain the advantages of brand loyalty and repeat business. And without the face-to-face understanding about your customers you gain from sales and service, it is not easy to tailor the right marketing messages to target the right people.

What has always been a challenge for businesses is exactly how to break down the silos between these different functions within a company and maximise how information is shared to the benefit of all.

That was until Dynamics 365 for Marketing was announced.

Connecting customer experiences

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based business applications which at their core combine customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. What this means in practice is that customers get access to a set of tools which link system planning directly with feedback and analysis mechanisms. You plan based on data-led intelligence about what works.

In a marketing context, this means that data fed back from CRM – broad sales statistics right down to individual customer contact records – is always available when designing and implementing campaigns. It means you have the intelligence ready to hand to tell you what works for which types of customer. Messages and promotions can be tailored with precision to suit the diverse needs of your customer base.

This kind of intelligence-led marketing means your campaigns are much more likely to have an impact, leading to more conversions and a higher ROI. Best of all, Dynamics 365 for Marketing automates many of the key analysis and administration functions from beginning to end.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Because of its open cloud-based architecture, Dynamics 365 empowers people to have more information about all aspects of a business at their fingertips at any one time, marketers can dip in and out of a wide variety of applications at will, to gather intelligence and to build their campaigns.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing removes the silos which separate marketing from other functions in the business. This improves consistency as well as efficiency. There isn’t one message from the marketing team and another from sales and service. Teams all have equal access to what works best and plan their communications to achieve a common goal. This, of course, also improves the experience for the customer, who gets the same messages at all touch points.

Talking about touch points, perhaps the biggest benefit Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers is planning and managing campaigns across multiple channels. With the proliferation of online, digital, mobile and social media, one of the big challenges for CRM solutions has been to consistently gather, extrapolate and make actionable customer data from all sources, whether they buy online or instore, or use email, phone, IM or social media to talk.

Dynamics 365 does not just provide a state-of-the-art CRM and ERP solution for the multi-channel world, it seamlessly transfers those capabilities over to marketing. Campaigns can be designed according to in-depth data sources so they have the maximum impact on every available channel, with delivery and analysis automated. The outcomes feed straight back into the system, providing a ready data source for tweaking campaigns as they go or planning new ones from scratch.

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