Making QUANTIQ a Great Place to Work with Best Workplaces™ 2018

Company Culture can make or break an organisation.

Making QUANTIQ a Great Place to Work with Best Workplaces™ 2018

Company Culture can make or break an organisation.

Company Culture can make or break an organisation. Poor Workplace culture reduces team-building, professionalism and achievement across the board. Promoting disorganisation, unethical values and a lack of growth, a poor Workplace culture has an adverse effect on employee performance and ultimately the entire organisation or business.

The Best Workplaces™ awards are the UK’s most highly regarded and sought-after workplace awards. Considered the Gold Standard of employer awards, they celebrate organisations who deliver excellence in people management and engagement. Using their intelligently designed Culture Audit© to assess the management and HR practices that construct an organisation’s culture with a Trust Index© employee survey to measure how employees receive and experience that culture, they are able to assess how Great a Workplace is.

Last night, QUANTIQ was proud to be one of the celebrated attendees of the Best Workplaces™ Great Place to Work awards at the Tobacco Docks, London. We are thrilled to have placed 23rd in our category, 9 slots higher than our position last year and the highest ranking in the Microsoft UK ecosystem. After enjoying a night of glitz, glamour and Great Workplaces, we decided to reflect on what a Great Place to Work at looks like for us. For us, it starts in the core of our company values:

We Make Business Simpler

This statement works in all directions. In the purest sense, we make business simpler for our clients. But internally this mission statement has a deeper meaning. In our company we work in a way that makes business simpler for our team and colleagues. Our culture is such that if we can see that someone has too many plates to balance, we offer to help them out.

We Inspire Innovation

In our organisation we consider innovation to be one of the most desirable qualities. This is something we consider within our team right from our attracting and onboarding process, to how we work with each other and our clients, to how we come up with new directions for the business. We believe that talent has more to do with behaviour and mindset than any natural aptitude, and an innovative culture fosters the drive we all need to succeed in making a Great Place to Work and being excellent at what we do.

We Reward Results

Sometimes it’s the simplest things which make the biggest difference and this one does what it says on the tin. At QUANTIQ, we reward results. We say thank you when people do well, we give shout-outs in our monthly company-wide powwows and we even buy thank you vouchers and gifts for our employees. We simply recognise hard-work. This is the foundation of a culture where people then turn to each other and say “thanks, that really helped us do a good job”.

QUANTIQ is Built to Support Every Individual

In addition to our values we understand that culture goes both ways and we keep this in mind throughout our recruitment process. We hire in a way that means management have enough team members to work excellently and employees have access to a management system which supports them to achieve and grow; as well as hiring individuals whose values and traits fit with our own.

After such a fantastic event celebrating the value of a Workplace that’s Great for everyone we are inspired to continue to develop our Workplace culture and benefits, to set the standards for Workplaces in Tech, and to make QUANTIQ an enjoyable, rewarding and truly Great Place to Work.