Manage Public Sector Business Processes with Expert Support in Dynamics 365

Manage Public Sector Business Processes with Expert Support in Dynamics 365

There are multiple advantages for public sector businesses to move towards cloud-based ERP as offered by Dynamics 365. Accelerating your organisation’s digital transformation is a vital step to ensure that your efficiency and communication is optimal, and that nothing is left to inefficient legacy ERP systems. Often, organisations can feel unprepared for installation and unaware how they can maximise Dynamics 365 as a resource.

At QUANTIQ, we offer industry-leading programs for organisations running on Dynamics NAV, AX or GP to upgrade to the new cloud-based applications of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack. The functionality offered by Dynamics 365 and its cloud-based applications ensure the transition is smooth and pain-free, offering all the features of server-based systems with none of the restrictions. The key advantage to the Dynamics stack is the offer of selective functions: your organisation can take what it needs and leave what it doesn’t.

Our experts at QUANTIQ can help you manage public sector business processes in Dynamics 365, ensuring you can make the most of your digital transformation.

Our industry-leading experts can help you configure Dynamics 365 Finance specifically for the public sector. This platform can be tailored to assist with common public sector processes like purchasing, budgeting, accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks. The Public Sector functionality allows organisations to streamline the digital home of their data procedures, in accordance with regulations and requirements.

At QUANTIQ, we offer unparalleled technical support for public sector organisations seeking to streamline their digital processes and procedures with Dynamics 365. With this support, public sector organisations can use the Dynamics 365 for its Development Framework, which allows for connected applications, shared document management and overall streamlined processes integral to the public sector. Some of the applications that Dynamics 365 can assist with in the public sector are:

  • Customer Service
  • Financials
  • Customer Insights
  • Project Service Automation
  • and Marketing, amongst many others

Public sector organisations can simplify their processes and operate so much more efficiently by implementing Dynamics 365 Technology. With streamlined data integration, combined communication, efficient logistics, customer handling and disaster recovery, Dynamics 365 is the ideal platform for all public sector relations and data processes.

At QUANTIQ, we ensure that your Dynamics 365 system is functioning without a hitch through regular updates and system checks. Expert support services will remain involved with your installation to assist in the maintenance of your cloud-based system. To learn more about QUANTIQ’s expert support offerings, visit our support page.

The pricing structure of the Dynamics 365 applications means that clients only pay for the functionality they require. This improved licensing structure means that as a public sector resource, your organisation is supported and streamlined at a reasonable cost.

As stated, the benefits for public sector organisations of switching to cloud-based ERP systems with Dynamics 365 are endless. When you purchase Dynamics 365 from QUANTIQ, you are ensuring that your organisation is streamlined, protected and secure, with the highest quality of customer support. To speak to an expert about how you can manage your public sector business with Dynamics 365, contact QUANTIQ today.