Managing HR With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft Dynamics has long set the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning software, helping businesses achieve great benefits in performance through streamlined, strategic management of core processes.

Microsoft Dynamics has long set the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning software, helping businesses achieve great benefits in performance through streamlined, strategic management of core processes.

ERP is mostly associated with operations linked to the development and provision of goods and services, such as supply chain logistics, inventory management, production and sales.

But what if you could apply the same principles of integrated, end-to-end oversight and efficient management to another essential resource in an organisation – people?

Human resources is nowadays often referred to as human capital management, or HCM, to reflect the value people have to a business. Just as with managing finances or goods, the more efficiently and effectively you run recruitment, onboarding, retention and training, the more of an impact you will see on the bottom line.

And now Microsoft offers a software platform to do just that. Featuring in the Enterprise edition of Microsoft’s cloud-based business management suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent integrates and automates a wide range of processes and administrative tasks associated with HCM. The key features include:

  • A central database for staff and recruitment records, with automatic updates.
  • The ability to set up and run benefit policies.
  • Automated absence monitoring and time management tracking.
  • Full CPD management, including performance reviews, matching competencies to job roles and target tracking.
  • Creation and delivery of training courses, including analysis of outcomes.
  • An Attract app for managing the recruitment process, which links job role core competencies to applications and develops materials for conducting and rating interviews.
  • An Onboarding app for managing the hiring and integration process.
  • A questionnaire feature for gathering feedback and insight from employees. These are conducted digitally, with responses automatically linking to staff records and triggering suggestions for updating policies and strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: How it works

When you set up a Dynamics 365 for Talent account, the first stage is to create an HR strategy on the platform. This will provide the overarching structure for how human capital is managed in your organisation, and includes things like specifying whether processes will be managed by department, jobs or positions.

Much of the day-to-day running of your HR operation through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is achieved by setting up plans. These might be compensation and incentive plans for rewarding strong performance, or they might be training plans which link development to key strategic goals for the business overall.

The great advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is how all of the data linked to plans is centrally stored and automatically updated. So if you create a scheme whereby staff get benefits such as a company laptop, phone or a car, logging of data about upgrades and replacements is automated. The same applies to company incentive schemes like health insurance or pensions, saving huge amounts of time in administration.

Finally, Dynamics 365 for Talent is also set up to support compliance with employment laws in different jurisdictions. It will, for example, suggest accommodations for complying with equality and disability laws, making recommendations based on personnel data.

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