Measure Your Diversity Progress With Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Measure Your Diversity Progress With Dynamics 365 Human Resources

All good employers want to nurture a diverse workforce. Not only is there a need to meet standard diversity quotas, it’s well recognised that diversity in the workplace is good for business. Numerous experts, including McKinsey & co, point to the fact that diversity promotes innovation, faster problem-solving, better decision-making, reduced employee turnover and improved hiring results, among other benefits.

But how can you measure the extent of diversity within your organisation today? And how can you approach measuring your progress in creating a more diverse place to work?

These questions and more can be answered through the collation of good data. High quality data gives you the insight and evidence you need to measure and improve diversity within your workplace.

Arguably the most powerful data management tool for HR teams today is Dynamics 365 Human Resources part of the Dynamics 365 suite. When properly configured, Dynamics 365 Human Resources acts as your central resource on all information about your employees. From a diversity point of view, its value lies in the ability to generate specific reports in real-time, giving you the accurate, up-to-date information you need to plug gaps and measure results.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources gives you:

  • A clear picture of where your organisation stands on diversity now.

  • The quantitative data you need to get a true picture of diversity across your organisation. It removes the guess-work and assumptions.

  • The ability to build a measurable plan to improve diversity in your workplace.

By understanding where your organisation lacks diversity, you can develop focussed programmes to improve as your organisation grows. Plus, this data can illuminate where diversity, or lack of, is impacting your organisation in key operational areas.


Managing diversity data in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

To get the best out of Dynamics 365 Human Resources it is important to consider the sort of information you want to collate and the use you will have for the data once it’s been gathered.

Diversity means different things to different organisations. Whilst there are common factors such as age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation of the workforce, there are also what we might term ‘localised’ diversity issues.

These are issues which are of specific importance to an organisation, perhaps because of the market in which it operates. This sort of diversity can relate to languages, education attainment or even different cultures.

The use of Dynamics 365 Human Resources will help you to consider and identify what diversity means to your organisation and facilitate the data gathering and analysis that enables you to measure how your current workforce measures up. Because Dynamics 365 Human Resources is feature-rich and highly functional, you can view data relating to specific individuals, teams or departments. Plus, you can take a ‘helicopter view’ to build a picture of any organisation-wide trends which may be affecting diversity.

Using reporting tools like Power BI alongside Dynamics 365 Human Resources reduce complexity, enabling you to analyse and visualise your people data in feature-rich dashboards on any device. You can use this insight to inform everything from your recruitment and retention strategy to your training packages and even your reward and recognition programme.


Why use Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources not only supports your diversity strategy, it can underpin your end-to-end HR function too. The solution has been designed to help you:

  • Create the right first impression – by ensuring the onboarding experience for new recruits is impressive.
  • Develop and upskill your people – Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps you promote continuous learning. You can maintain detailed profiles that outline experience, skills and competencies, all important factors when dealing with the issue of diversity.
  • Build performance – data within Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables you to view real-time performance dashboards and conduct collaborative performance reviews, helping you and your teams with goal management and career mapping.
  • Drive operational excellence – Dynamics 365 Human Resources automates routine HR tasks so that HR professionals can divert their time to more strategic tasks. Centralised employee profiles are a major benefit, but you can also minimise compliance risk by gathering and managing your employee data correctly.

Why use Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Whether it’s to measure your diversity, create a roadmap to a more diverse organisation or just hire the best talent and manage your people in a more efficient way, Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you meet your HR goals. And at QUANTIQ we can implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources in just 10 days. To learn more about the product and our Core HR in 10 Days offering, talk to us today.