Microsoft Business Applications: Building Modern, Connected Workspaces

Microsoft Business Applications: Building Modern, Connected Workspaces

Imagine if running your business was as easy as using Spotify, Google Maps or WhatsApp?

Spotify keeps tabs on what you like to listen to and creates playlists and suggestions especially for your taste.

Google Maps – gets you from A to B in the least time, gives you travel updates and lets you know where you can grab your coffee on the way to work.

WhatsApp lets you chat instantly with your contacts from anywhere around the world.

Did you know Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Applications, powered by AI, can streamline your business processes and suggest efficiencies you may not have considered before? These modular applications empower organisations to connect processes and information across the business.

Dynamics 365 Business Applications empower employees to be more productive: with instant access to actionable insights visualised in PowerBIdigital tracking of your team in the fieldconnected machinery across your factoriesmodern Point of Sale solutions for your stores and online shops. For ERP functionality there’s Dynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics NAVDynamics 365 Finance & Operations. For CRM, there’s Dynamics 365 for MarketingSales and Retail. For your HCM, Dynamics 365 for Talent. To tie it all together, Business Intelligence in Azure and PowerApps.

It’s the era of Spotify, not the Walkman. Let these solutions be the next ones to make your life easier and invest in the Business Applications that will take your organisation to the next stage. Talk to one of our Team today to discover which Apps are right for your business.