Microsoft Dynamics 365: An App for Every Occasion

Microsoft Dynamics 365: An App for Every Occasion

You probably remember Apple’s now iconic “There’s an app for that” advertising slogan. It has become one of those pieces of marketing that has crossed over into mainstream cultural usage.

Apps are everywhere, and whether it is streaming our favourite music or managing our home heating system, increasingly we think, plan and navigate our daily lives through apps.

This app-centric way of living has crossed over from consumer tech into business IT, too. The Cloud has changed the rules of engagement on business software solutions, from large-scale, off-the-shelf CAPEX purchases to an entirely new world of modular subscription services.

Instead of buying enormous platforms and never using half the available features, businesses can now access the precise tools they need at any one time. Flexibility and agility are the watchwords, making the tech mould to the business, rather than the other way round.

This is precisely what Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers. And that is precisely why Microsoft Dynamics 365 matters.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics is a long-standing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software brand from Microsoft. The Dynamics suite includes a variety of different products covering business, Inventory and supply chain management, financial management and reporting, Modern Point of Sale, Sales and Marketing tools, tailored for businesses of different types and sizes.

Traditionally, Dynamics products were mostly one-dimensional accounting solutions, which catered to organisations of different sizes and operational complexity.

That has all changed with Dynamics 365. Instead of having different products in different silos (even if many Dynamics platforms could integrate with one another), Microsoft has taken the best of the huge range of functions available under the Dynamics brand and made them available as a single Cloud service working in elegant concert with other Microsoft solutions.

Instead of having to choose between one product and another, now customers are free to choose whichever ERP or CRM workloads and apps they need. And the beauty of the Cloud is, they can swap, delete, upgrade or add services any time they choose.

Why does Dynamics 365 matter?

Dynamics 365 brings business resource planning, workflow and customer service right up to date with all the possibilities offered by Cloud computing. The key is flexibility and choice. With a modular approach to IT solutions, the focus is on the customer to shape their stack in the image of what their business actually needs.

This affords much closer alignment of business and IT goals, and it saves money too. The risk with silo solutions, especially hefty pieces of software like ERP and CRM, is that you end up paying for features you wont consume. And because of the lifecycle of a capital investment like software, you have the choice to either keep running a slightly unsuitable product for several years, or bite the bullet and pay out all over again.

Dynamics 365’s ‘consumption’ model, paying for a monthly subscription, takes away all of those risks. You know exactly what you are paying for, there is little long-term risk, and you can scale up and down any time you like. Everything is clear, consistent and controlled.

Finally, Dynamics 365 opens the door to even closer integration of business operations and the digital tools which support them. By integrating directly with Office 365, it links the ‘structured’ workflow of business, finance, sales, marketing and customer service with the ‘unstructured’ workflow of team collaboration and productivity applications. How people work across an organisation therefore aligns with how processes are organised to achieve business goals, further helping to improve overall performance.

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