Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 | What does it look like?

Announced recently at Microsoft’s annual Directions EMEA conference, Microsoft’s upcoming releases of NAV 2018, currently codename Tenerife, followed next spring by the new SaaS cloud NAV product, promises many great advancements.

Announced recently at Microsoft’s annual Directions EMEA conference, Microsoft’s upcoming releases of NAV 2018, currently codename Tenerife, followed next spring by the new SaaS cloud NAV product, promises many great advancements. These include an improved core application, the incorporation of intelligent new functionality and a deeper integration with the Microsoft technology stack and Azure services.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, NAV 2018, available in the cloud and on-premise, is becoming a common platform for both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business Edition. The amalgamation of both products will allow us to offer a full business solution that combines a complete suite of productivity tools that support the changing needs of our clients in each industry vertical we serve.

Deeper integration with Microsoft’s Products

The Common Data Service has prevalent integration with the Microsoft Technology stack. By connecting multiple Microsoft products with each other in the same business environment, such as Dynamics 365 applicationsPowerApps, Flow, Office 365, Power BI and third-party applications; we can support client specific customisations to put them at the forefront of digital transformation and help them achieve optimum business excellence.


Extensibility with Extensions

NAV 2018 has a new, modern, state-of-the-art extensibility model which will enable us to extend and customise our clients’ current NAV solution to further fulfil their business needs. By adding functionality from other solution providers via Extensions; our clients get the best of both worlds – a monthly automatically updated NAV version running in the cloud as full SaaS and the ability to make modifications to suit individual business needs.

Advanced algorithms amalgamate AI

The game-changing new features in NAV 2018 include Microsoft’s cognitive services. These use advanced algorithms which allow users to amalgamate artificial intelligence into the applications. Automatic facial, speech and language recognition can be utilised in HR contexts and drive productivity through procedure automation. Product recognition places items in the correct categories, meaning if your business loads multiple product lines, images can be categorised within a taxonomy with pre-defined hierarchies, transforming your current processes.

Core Improvements in NAV 2018

NAV 2018 boasts a wealth of core improvements including the interaction with Microsoft Flow which will further improve finance procedures by speeding up approvals processes. Additionally, “Edit in Excel” is a great tool that allows a user to edit records such as journals and publish them back into the application. The use of the single sign on ability with O365 and NAV allows this, since the users permissions are known. Another core improvement to note is the use of auto-healing to achieve a 99.9% uptime. Microsoft proposes to leverage telemetry to sense problems in the product and fix bugs before users raise concerns. Furthermore, set-up of a new tenant in approximately 7 seconds and data upgrade speed is less than 30 seconds downtime per tenant.

Leverage the power of the full Microsoft Stack

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