Microsoft Dynamics Partner Been Voted Great Place To Work

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Been Voted Great Place To Work

Microsoft Dynamics Partner came 32nd!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been named a ‘Great Place to Work’, and came 32nd in final rankings. To put this into context, there is 1.7 million business in the UK, 1.2m with more than one employee, 80,000 with more than 50 employees and 30,000 above 100 employees and 2000 above 1000 employees. In our space, we were competing with 30,000 for the prize. This is an extraordinary honour and reflects the hard work our team have invested in creating a welcoming culture of excellence.  We continuously demand innovation, authenticity and strive to be the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

The highly prestigious ‘Best Workplace Award’ exists to publicly recognise companies that are all-around great employers. Considered to be the gold standard of employee engagement awards, ‘Great Place to Work’ is backed by over 30 years of research into workplace culture and the qualities of a high-performing organisation.

Our Values

At QUANTIQ, our vision is to be considered the most effective implementation partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP and Analytics in the mid-market. We aim to provide organisations with applications that

run their business better. To fulfil this mission, we always return to our three values:

  • We make business simpler- this inspires our clients to realise their own vision
  • We inspire innovation- it challenges the status quo and leads to new ways of working
  • We reward results- outstanding results are delivered by outstanding people

To successfully champion these values, we demand innovation and authenticity and are constantly striving to do things in new and better ways.

Our Collaborative Culture

Our stylish open plan office is an elegant metaphor for our easy collaborative style.  Hot-desking allows us to have interesting discussions with different teammates every day, which enriches our client conversations.

Our Commitment to the Future

At QUANTIQ, we are continually investing in the personal growth of our team and their careers. We aim to provide our team with the resources and opportunities to pursue their interests, knowing that our clients reap the benefits. We are an inquisitive company, constantly empowering our people to do their best work.

Looking to the future, QUANTIQ will continue to thoughtfully design our culture and instil a sense of excellence in all we do. We firmly recognise that by looking after our own people, we, in turn, safeguard our clients’ investment in us as a partner. An engaged and motivated team is also a more productive one.