Microsoft Dynamics: Software for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics: Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are constantly striving to meet competing demands from suppliers, distributors and customers. This is a fast-paced industry with numerous processes and systems that all need to work harmoniously in order to produce the desired result. The UK is currently the world’s ninth largest industrial nation and manufacturing makes up 45% of all UK exports, directly employing 2.7 million people. Our Microsoft Dynamics technology supports manufacturers by giving them greater oversight of all their operations, subsequently simplifying and speeding up processes.

From our research, the greatest challenge facing a manufacturing company is clear line of sight across the entire supply chain. Without such visibility, the task of identifying which areas of operation are performing smoothly and which are proving problematic, becomes a lot harder. Dynamics software allows employees to view the whole manufacturing system from one convenient interface, analyse the situation and make decisions around resources as needed.

The manufacturing industry is constantly reacting to fluctuations in the global market. Ideally, these changes can be agreed upon and instituted as soon as possible. However, sound business decisions can only be made on the basis of accurate and up to date information. Without an excellent enterprise resource planning system (ERP), decision makers often struggle to easily access real time data and so reaction time slows.

Alongside the markets, manufacturers need to be quick to respond to customer demands and needs. Adding gathered customer insights need to be integrated into processes further up the pipeline, ensuring that product innovation and development reflects customer desires.

One of the easiest ways to make customers happy is through quicker delivery timelines, as consumers continue to demand convenience. By automating warehouse picking, fulfilment and delivery procedures, the customer benefits from  streamlined and reliable delivery times. Time is saved by optimised scheduling and optimum inventory levels, a function that can just be programmed into the system.

Granular reporting on costs associated with each step in the process is a necessity to many growing organisations who often operate in margin pressured environments.  By taking advantage of the Microsoft productivity suite, busy execs and engineers can view reports on the go, in real time to inform crucial production decisions. Dynamics gives employees the communication and sharing tools to work more effectively with each other.

With these manufacturing challenges in mind, QUANTIQ believes that the most suitable Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are Dynamics 365 Operations (cloud or hybrid); AX 2012 R3 (on-premises) or NAV 2017, dependent on the size and complexity of your operation.  We often help our clients decipher the nuances of these solutions to determine the best fit for now and in an effort to future proof your business.