Microsoft launches Dynamics 365

Microsoft launches Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 delivers on Microsoft’s mission to empower every person on the planet to achieve more

Dynamics 365 combines disparate products allowing customers the choice of apps and workloads they need to accomplish their tasks whether they be finance, field service, sales, operations, marketing and customer service.  Delivered on the cloud, services will include data analysis and visualisation tools from Microsoft’s Power BI and tools from Cortana to predictive capability.

Microsoft is firmly positioning their business applications products as the platform to deliver productivity.  By moving these applications to the cloud they in turn boost their Azure service.

These products will be available this autumn and are closely connected to Microsoft’s cloud version of Office so, allowing a sales rep the ease to draw on pricing and discount information stored in Dynamics without leaving Office’s Outlook e-mail program.

QUANTIQ have been anticipating this move as it fulfils our purpose of creating #connectedcompanies, where we knit together personalised workloads delivered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform.